adidas Respect Your Roots Drop 2 Available Now!

adidas respect your roots drop 2 thumbnail

adidas respect your roots drop 2 homeThe second drop of the Respect your Roots Tribute Series is available now! adidas has released two more color ways of the timeless Superstar RYR “shell-toes” in honor of legendary pro’s Drake Jones and Joey Bast. Read more for info on the kicks and for some classic video parts of Drake and Joey from Real’s 1997 video “Non Fiction”.

Curren Caples Propeller RAW FILES

curren caples propeller raw files

Don’t let the smooth surfer look fool you, Curren Caples is an unbelievably talented skateboarder. From vert ramps to handrails, Curren destroys everything in his path and makes it look easy; not to mention that he’s got great hair. If his part in Vans Propeller didn’t make you jealous of his style, then maybe the Curren Caples Propeller Raw Files with change your tune.

Converse CONS Tale of Four Cities: New York

cons tale of four cities

Follow Converse rider Aaron Herrington around some of New York City’s best spots in this installment of the CONS tale of four Cities. This series covers the four cities where the CONS Project takes place- Boston, Toronto, Los Angeles and New York. Aaron shows you around some of his favorite food joints, skate shops and spots. Enjoy a slice of the NY lifestyle!

Z-Flex Jay Boy Classic 2015

z-flex jay boy classic

On May 23rd, 2015 Z-Flex hosted the second annual Jay Boy Classic at the Venice Beach Skatepark. There was a huge turnout and great skating from everyone, all the way from the 12 and under division all the way up to the Legends jam. If you missed out, check out the video and enjoy some next-generation rippers skating alongside some of todays top pros and plenty of skateboardings legends and pioneers. Without a doubt, the second annual Z-Flex Jay Boy Classic was an event to remember.

Pedro Barros Propeller RAW FILES

Pedro Barros Propeller

Pedro Barros is one of the gnarliest dudes out right now. His video-game sized airs and consistent execution give us another reason to ask what’s in the water down in Brazil. Pedro burst onto the scene with undeniable force. With an impressive amount of podium finishes under his belt in such a short career, you know he will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come. His part in Vans Propeller was insane, and the Pedro Barros Propeller Raw Files give you a look at just how consistent he is.