10 Great Summer Skate Ideas

July 26, 2014

It’s summertime and the living is easy. Bob Marley plays quietly in the background. The sun is shining, the weather is sweet, it makes you wanna move your dancing feet. Summer Skate While You Can You smell delicious BBQ around the corner. Girls in bikinis are laughing with their toes in the pool. Kids are running around a palm tree with squirt guns. You’ve enjoyed one summer skate session after another for weeks now. Today, you’re drunk by noon but it’s all good. Summer is just too damn short. It’s almost August. Shit.

Summer is more than half over.

But don’t worry, be happy, you still have time! While you can’t film your life with a RED camera and slow summer down, you can do a bunch more fun shit before it’s gone. Try to squeeze every last drop of good times into the lemonade of life and stay motivated. We’ve put together a list of 10 summer skate ideas to help elevate your stoke levels. We hope it helps. Have fun, stay cool, go skate.

10 Great Summer Skate Ideas

Go Skate. This is the first and most important recommendation for summer satiation. Go skate as hard as you can, for as long as you can. Invite all your friends out. Go big. Dare each other. Do crazy shit. If you hurt yourself, you had a great time doing it. You can just hibernate until spring.

Death Lens Summer Skate Gear

Stack Footy. You’re already out skateboarding. The weather should be ideal for collecting clips. Depending on where you live in the world, the impending seasons might completely suck for filming. So get on it! If you don’t have a nice camera, you don’t need one. These days, your iPhone can do a pretty amazing job. Especially if you pick up a Death Lens or an Olloclip. Use them in conjunction with apps like Videon and iMovie. You don’t have to be Spike Jonze to make a great summer skate edit. Stack footy, son!

Just Cruise. Nobody said you need to be dropping hammers to have a good summer skate sesh. Roll up some Canadian maple leaves, grab your longboard and just cruise around, bro. Sunset Summer Skate WheelsIt doesn’t even have to be a longboard. You could rock a Penny or a Bantam Cruiser. Better yet, since it’s summer skate a Sunset Cruiser or throw Sunset Wheels on your Sector 9 and roll deep into a midsummer night’s dream. Don’t let the darkness kill your sesh. Night skate, fool!

Drink Water. Drink a fuckton of water. You’ve been skating, drinking, running around, peeing in bushes and you probably haven’t consumed enough H2O to keep you hydrated. Big mistake. Buy a Mizu Water Bottle, fill that thing up and empty it with your face repeatedly. Doctor’s orders. In America, they say about 75% of the population suffers from chronic dehydration. Don’t be a statistic. Bottoms up!

Bob Burnquist Summer Skate Sesh

Get On A Boat. Speaking of water, it’s time to hit the lake. Freeball some boardshorts. Feel the wind in your hair. Step into some flippy floppies. Bust out the nautical themed pashmina afghan. Ride a dolphin. Do some flips and shit. It’s summer, motherfucker, get on a boat! If you’re a total baller, you can go full Bob Burnquist and skate it, too. If you’re not a total baller, just do method airs off the side of a dingy till Old Gregg gets you. You like Bailey’s?

Josh Kasper Summer Skate Idea

Skate The Pool. No, wait! Don’t empty it. Skate into the pool. See those girlies giggling poolside staring into their dumbphones? It’s time to get their attention. You’re on a mission to impress. Benihana off the roof into the water and splash them into a squealing gaggle. “Do it again!” they’ll exclaim, after drying off their $600 iPhones. And now you’re on Instagram. Just don’t hit your head or else you’re going straight to YouTube.

DIY Spot. With the dry weather on your side, it’s time to construct your own skatespots. You could just build a miniramp in your backyard, however, you want something that can weather a winter storm. That means concrete. Tons of it. Cement a quarter pipe against your neighbor’s toolshed. Build a spine over a fire hydrant. Convert a handicap ramp into a high speed launch. Build a euro gap into the hole you clipped through the tennis court fencing then spray paint it purple and throw graffiti all over the place. That’s all legal, right? After a few days of work, your DIY spot should look something like this:

Skate Barefoot. It’s not cold out, what are you afraid of? You’ve seen that barefoot survival guy on the Discovery Channel. Looks easy enough. Callouses make you a badass. Skate the new DIY spot without shoes. Fuck it, wear shorts and a tanktop, too. The glass shards and used needles laying around will be extra motivation to stay on your board. The girls are watching. You got this, Tarzan. Raw dog the ramp. Commit!

Summer Skate Road Trip

Road Trip. Let’s hit the road, man. It’s been two months of summer and you still haven’t taken a road trip? Ya big dummy. It’s time to leave our boring, quiet, little, redneck, podunk, white-trash mountain town behind. Load up the Camry with boards, beers, bros and BBQ supplies and let’s GTFO. Pick a destination and keep your eyes peeled for skate spots along the way. Slap inappropriate stickers up everywhere you go. Fish under a Bohnam hat by day. Bunker down in Poler tents by night. Try to prank the Jack Links Sasquatch. Hunt a bear with a knife. Skate tree trunks. You know, manly shit. Answer the call of the wild, you animals, it’s summertime.

Relax. Once you get back from an epic road trip, it’s time to relax. Or maybe you’ve been relaxing while your friends have been off road tripping their brains out. Good. As long as you take some time to chill before summer ends. Relax After A Summer SkateChilling is the most important part of summer. Throw on some shades, fill a pint glass, turn up the music, get naked and go nap in a hammock. Be a hippy for a while. Let your mind and body coalesce with the cosmic pulse. Find your harmonic happy place. We are all one. Ommmmm.

Just try to forget that pretty soon you’ll be doing homework and missing the bus and stressing out wishing you were back in that perfect summer skate session at your new DIY spot surrounded by girls in bikinis with iPhones. In fact, you should probably get out of the hammock and just go skate some more. Time is running out. Pretty soon it will be September. Shit.

What are you going to do with the rest of your summer? Tell us in the comments below. Browse through Skate Warehouse for some key items to keep your summer skate sessions superb. Make sure to subscribe to the Go Skate Blog for more bad advice, good trick tips, killer collabs, new stuff, how to’s and more. Go skate!

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