12 Skateboarders That Are Great DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

October 27, 2014

Halloween Costume Ideas Ed Templeton

You only have 5 days to get your costume together. The clock is ticking, the witches are cackling, the french maids are putting on their makeup. You must decide! Consumer polls estimate that over $7 billion will be spent on Halloween this year. That’s way too much, people. Halloween costume ideas don’t have to be complex or expensive. If you’re a skate nerd, all you need is a little cleverness and a few simple items from around the house. If you live a skateboarding lifestyle I can almost guarantee you’ve got the goods laying around. Need some inspiration? Check out the list below. We’ll help you put together a distinct skateboarder costume to rival the dorkiest of trick-or-treater togs. Here are 12 skateboarders that also make great Halloween costume ideas. Enjoy!

12 Skateboarders That Are Great
DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Richie Jackson Halloween Costume Ideas

First on the list is the renowned and uniquely talented Kiwi skateboarder, Richie Jackson. Going as Richie Jackson for Halloween, many passers by will mistake you for a Hippy, a Gypsy, a Pirate or even a Musketeer. But you can say to them, “Nay, I am none of those mundane and unimaginative things!” If you have long wavy hair, you’re in. You should wax and curl a ‘stache, get out that wild silk paisley shirt in the back of the closet and wear some of your sister’s jewelry. Throw on some thrift store bell bottom pants. If you’ve got a top hat, nice touch. To complete this Halloween costume idea, all you have left to do is land a hundred tricks that no one’s ever even thought of before. You got this! Mind altering substances are, of course, optional.

Are you Rufio from Hook? Nah bro, I’m 1980’s Christian Hosoi. If you have a Hosoi board and some pads at home, this one shouldn’t be too hard. Slap some pink rails on the bottom of the deck. Ask (or don’t ask) your sister for her craziest spandex capris. Throw some blonde highlights in your hair. Cut the sleeves off of a Metallica shirt and learn McTwists. Tuck an extra t-shirt into your waist. Excessive confidence and boisterous flare will be your M.O. this year.

Love him or hate him, Jereme Rogers a.k.a. J. Casanova is a distinct personality in the world of (former?) professional skateboarding. Jereme Rogers Halloween Costume IdeasFor this costume, you’re going to need a brand new Sharpie to draw 3 tattoos on your shorthaired head. Under your right eye, a musical note. On the left side of your neck write, “In God I Trust,” and on the right side “I Fear No Man”. Once that dries, get a big blingy chain, some too-big denim and the oldest DVS Shoes in your wardrobe. The shoes should match the shirt: a black or red, large-print tee from one of his (former) sponsors, like Diamond Supply Co or Plan B. Need a wingman? Tell your buddy to go as Lil’ Wayne. Need a pickup line? Say, “Word around town? Magnums what I fit.” True, there are 30 thousand hundred million better Halloween costume ideas but none can touch the swag level on this one. Roger that!

The iconic style of 1970’s Tony Alva makes an easy Halloween costume idea. Dressing as a 2014 Tony Alva makes you look like Drexel from True Romance. Go classic. Grab yourself an Alva Re-Issue Deck or borrow one of your Dad’s old school boards. Throw on a curly rocker wig, wrap a bandana around it, yank up some striped crew socks. Skate an empty pool in short shorts with aggressive confidence. Join the Lords Of Dogtown this Halloween and you’ll be pickin’ up Farrah Fawcett looking chicks in no time.

Tony Alva Halloween Costume Ideas 2

The next one is really easy. If you want to put zero effort into one of these Halloween costume ideas, I got you. Do you own a red skate t-shirt? Toss that red floss on your slightly pudgy torso and voila! you’re Andy Schrock. This costume is most effective with a loving wife, a skateboarding infant and a camera in your hand. Live, skate, die, Revive!

Chris Haslam Halloween Costume Ideas

Everyone and their mother has a big biker beard these days. Do you? How about a heavy metal band t-shirt? Black hoodzip or vest? You’re halfway to Chris Haslam. Throw on your Globe Shoes. A Vestal Watch is a convincing touch. Tousle your long hair or put a beanie on. Slap some badass patches on your hoodie/vest. Wear a tank top below. You’re done! Are you more of a Deathwish/Spitfire dude? Throw on some holed up jeans and a 3/4 sleeve shirt. Bring your dog everywhere and you can be Brian ‘Slash’ Hansen instead. Two grown-ass-man Halloween costume ideas. Cheap and easy.

You may already dress like Rob Dyrdek. If so, you look fly and you’re already Halloweened up, dawg! Color-coordinate a DC New Era, a DC T-Shirt and your freshest pair of DC Shoes. Get a blingy chain and hang a DC Keychain from it. Try to find a cheap DC Ring. Drink Monster Energy mixers all night. You won’t look ridiculous but you’ll embody ridiculousness. Pick up line? “Google my net worth.”

Chad Muska Halloween Costume Ideas

We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams… fulfill your own dreams and spend Samhain in the stash-pocketed shoes of 1990s Chad Muska. You all know exactly the frame I’m going to reference for this one. Red Ghetto Child tank, thin gold chain, camo backpack, boom box in tow. Chad Muska will always be The Muska but 1998 Shorty’s demo crooked grind Muska is The Muska. Unless you’re a shirt-hoarding skate-nerd, this may be one of those Halloween costume ideas worthy of some eBay time. Muska kills!

Pay homage to the bible’s Editor In Chief and go as Jake Phelps for Halloween. Music buffs might think you’re Elvis Costello but your skate friends will know what’s up. You’ll need some thick-rimmed glasses in Phelper’s timeless style. You’re going to carry dice in your pocket for drinking games. You’ll have to stay blitzkrieg drunk and keep your middle fingers up all night. The facial hair ought to be about a two-day gruff. The hairdo is something like David Beckham with a hangover. Can’t do the hair? Your hat should be a tan straw fedora. Throw a down vest over a hoodie and a Thrasher T-shirt and you’re good to go. Hail Satan.

Jim Greco Halloween Costume Ideas

The 2014 Greco is somewhere between Wolverine and a World War II Fighter Pilot and just looks awesome. As far as Halloween costume ideas go however, it’s the bad Johnny Thunders, post-Baker2G, Flamboyant Jim Greco that we’re going for here. If you can pull off the huge, black, glam metal hair then it’s pretty much a free-for-all after that. Google search New York Dolls for reference and you’ll be on point. Leopard print leather jacket with a tiger stripe scarf tie? Go for it. Black eyeliner, red lipstick, all red leather everything? You got it. Just be sure to rock the wildest Supra High Tops you can find and sharpie a Hammers logo somewhere on your body. Don’t go so far as to shoot drugs and fuck hookers though—Greco’s been there and done that so we don’t have to. Thanks Jim!

Dylan Rieder Halloween Costume Ideas

As far as Halloween costume ideas go, Dylan Reider isn’t a particularly strange one. In fact, you’re really just dressing well and looking handsome. It’s sort of like a new James Dean mixed with Mike Patton of Faith No More or 90’s Leonardo DiCaprio. Dye your hair black. Slick it back. White v-neck t-shirt. Cuff up your most expensive black denim or go high water slacks. Neatly lace up and polish your Huf Dylans. Smoke cigarettes and stare broodingly into the distance. You won’t even need a pickup line.

If none of these Halloween costume ideas work for you, I have one back up idea. It’ll only cost you a few bucks. It’s not a costume, but the new Altamont x FOS Horror Movie Tees are perfect Halloween threads. Read more about them in this blog post and order one from Skate Warehouse today—we can still get it to you in time!

There were others on the list, of course. Ali Boulala, Corey Duffel, Bam Margera, etc—but this should be enough jump start your own DIY Halloween costume ideas. Are people going to recognize your costume? Who cares. If they don’t skate, they don’t relate. When non-skateboarders ask, “who are you supposed to be?” just throw up the big middle and keep pushing. Your friends will get it and that’s the important thing.

If you go as some characteristic skateboarder for Halloween, post a picture in the comments below. Subscribe to the Go Skate Blog for weird ideas, skate videos, breaking news, interviews and more. Be safe out there. Don’t die. Happy Halloween!

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