20 Years of Girl Skateboards

August 28, 2013

20 Years of Girl – Happy Birthday!

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Girl Skateboard Company. Time flies when you’re having fun!

After two decades of incredible skateboarding, epic deck graphics and groundbreaking videos, Girl continues to push the envelope.

Celebrating their 20th birthday, the Girl crew opened a nostalgic art show at the Known Gallery in Los Angeles. The exhibition opened on Saturday, August 17th, 2013 and runs through Friday, August 30th. If there’s any way you can make it in time – trust us – you want to check this out.

Skate Warehouse crew received invites. You can bet your sweet new Lakai Trunk Boyz we went!

known gallery 20 years of girl exhibit invitation

On display were some of the coolest skateboarding relics ever. The mouse & moped from Mouse stood in one corner.

Girls Mouse and Moped

The original green-screen boards from Yeah Right! were behind glass.

Yeah Right Green Screen Boards at 20 Years of Girl Exhibit

Below them, the magic Crailtap board.

Magic Crailtap Board at 20 Years of Girl Exhibit

One wall displayed a massive collection of the raddest Girl & Chocolate decks ever made. 372 of them!

girl skateboards deck wall

deck wall at 20 years of girl exhibit

girl skateboards deck wall

golden girls skateboard deck series

classic girl decks

classic girl skateboard decks

classic girl skateboard decks

Another wall had a stunning photo timeline dating from the birth of Girl in 1993 through their latest Pretty Sweet antics of 2012. It began with rare images from the inaugural first year and traveled through the creation of Chocolate, Fourstar, Royal, Ruby, Lakai and onward. There were scenes from videos, tours, photoshoots and parties. A solid wall of skateboarding history.

old photo of eric koston

photo from 20 years of girl exhibit

image of jovontae turner from girl mouse video

scene from mouse video at 20 years of girl exhibit

photos from 20 years of girl exhibit

photos from 20 years of girl exhibit

photos from 20 years of girl exhibit

photo from 20 years of girl exhibit

photo from 20 years of girl exhibit

jovontae turner photo 20 years of girl exhibit

image from lakai fully flared video at 20 years of girl exhibit

marc johnson photo at 20 years of girl exhibit

In the back room, behind glass sat exclusive collections of wooden Girl OG dolls. Each set rendered by a different historically featured artist. Artists included Todd Bratrud, Swanksi, Hershel Baltrotsky, Andrew Pommier, Bob Kronbauer and many others.

todd bratrud girl og dolls

swanski girl og dolls

hershel baltrotsky girl og dolls

andrew pommier girl og dolls

bob kronbauer girl og dolls

christian morin girl og dolls

custom girl og dolls

custom girl og dolls

We all stared wide-eyed down memory lane at 20 years of Girl skateboarding magic while enjoying free slices of Pizzanista.

custom pizzanista pizza box

We shared pizza with Spike Jonze, Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Lance Mountain, Sean Sheffey, Eric Koston, Marc Johnson, Mike Mo, Sean Malto, Cory Kennedy, Jeron Wilson, Kenny Anderson, Ishod Wair, Elijah Berle and a long list of other legends. It was inspiring to be there. It was an honor to be invited. It was yet another reminder how amazing it is to grow up in love with skateboarding.

Thanks and congratulations to the entire Girl Skateboards family – from ’93 till infinity, 20 Years of Girl and counting!

mike carroll at known gallery

rick howard at known gallery

marc johnson at known gallery

elijah berle at known gallery

jeron wilson at known gallery

kenny anderson at known gallery

skate warehouse at known gallery

Search the web for #20yearsofgirl to get a face full of fun history.

Visit Crailtap.com for more photos of everything cool you probably missed.

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Then visit your front door and GO SKATE!

20 years of girl known gallery thumbnail

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