2013 S.K.A.T.E. – Finals – Cole vs Matt vs Mike


2013 Game of Skate Bracket for Cole vs Matt vs Mike

The finals! We’ve reached the end of the bracket for the 2013 Skate Warehouse Employee of Game of SKATE: Game 10 – Cole vs Matt vs Mike. We’ve never had a crew as skilled on skateboards as our current guys and it really shone through this year. The 2013 games have been the best yet and we’re excited for 2014! Watch the video below to find out who wears the crown till next year.

Subscribe to the SW YouTube Channel and go watch the games from this year’s bracket. 12 skilled employee contestants, 3 rounds, 10 games in all. Click the bracket image for a larger version.

Round 3 – Finals – Cole vs Matt vs Mike