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5 Years At The Bottom DVD

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5 Years At The Bottom homePD Distribution has officially released Dustin Dollin’s Five Years At The Bottom DVD. If you aren’t familiar with the Piss Drunx, take some time and do a little research into the early Baker days. Dustin Dollin’s bringing that PD nostalgia back with a heavy crew of up and coming rippers, like, Nathan Jackson, Ryan Wilson, Tom Snape, Gabriel Summers, Karl Truell and more.

Blood Wizard x Gnarhunters Deck

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blood wizard x gnarhunters homeThe all-mighty Blood Wizard has teamed up with Elissa Steamer’s Gnarhunters to bring you the Blood Wizard x Gnarhunters deck. Channeling the powers of two brands combined, this board is bound by sorcery and ready to shred with the force of a thousand suns. Sure to give unnameable powers to those who dare to test their mettle amongst the most powerful of wizards. Be careful, the Blood Wizard demands sacrifices of Gnar. Anything less could result is the most horrendous of curses.

SW Replays | Donny Barley in Welcome To Hell

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It’s my turn to pick this Friday’s SW Replay and I’m going with Donny Barley’s part in Toy Machine’s Welcome To Hell. His powerhouse east coast style set to Black Sabbath’s “Megalomania” still just gets me amped up. It starts at 15:15 but you should definitely watch the whole vid in stunning 480p resolution. Just like the old days. Baaaarley!