A Day at Dwindle Distribution

March 20, 2014

Dwindle Distribution 1 Skate Warehouse Arrives

The fine folks at Dwindle Distribution invited us to their headquarters in El Segundo, California. Owned in part by Globe International, Dwindle is one of the largest distributors in skateboarding. They’re responsible for keeping many of your favorite brands alive and thriving, including Almost, Enjoi, Blind, Cliché, Darkstar, Tensor, Dusters and more. Every person at Dwindle holds skateboarding near and dear to their hearts and despite being such a large company keep in close touch with skate culture and the needs of their riders. We sent a van full of Skate Warehouse crew down yesterday and got the grand tour, hand picked and heat-pressed our own boards, worked on some exciting future collaborations and had an epic skate session with Daewon Song, Chet Thomas, Cody McEntire and TJ Rogers. Dwindle Distribution is simply awesome. Check out the pics and stay tuned for upcoming video clips!

A Day at Dwindle Distribution

Dwindle Distribution Skate Warehouse ToursDwindle Distribution Entrance Mural

Dwindle Distribution Eric Sentianin Peter Artiga

The Sales Rep Manager for Dwindle, Peter Artiga (right), gave us the grand tour of Dwindle’s headquarters. We were introduced to Eric Sentianin (left), their R&D Hardgoods Developer, who described the careful attention to detail that is paid to riders’ feedback and preferences. Dwindle’s deck and truck manufacturing process is unrivaled in its technical precision and quality control – think Double Impact construction and Tensor Magnesiums. Eric is a technological wizard.

Dwindle Almost Skateboards Johnny Boobs

Johnny is a boob.

Dwindle Almost Skateboards Luis Cruz Daewon Song

We had the pleasure of meeting and skating with Daewon Song and the Almost Skateboards brand manager Luis Cruz. Both of these guys are as cool as it gets. Luis can shred and watching Daewon skate is like watching a superhero fly around and save people. Daewon Song might be the single greatest mini ramp skater in the world. We’ve got an interview coming up and we’ll release the skate footage online soon.

Dwindle Enjoi Skateboards Room

Shhhh! There’s an exclusive Enjoi x Skate Warehouse collab video in the works.

Dwindle Blind Skateboards Romar McEntire Rogers

We met up with some of the Blind Skateboards team. Kevin Romar flashed his new Ramfro graphic, due out next month. Cody McEntire and TJ Rogers joined us on the ramp and killed it!

Dwindle Cliche Skateboards Joey Brezinski

Joey Brezinski and longtime Cliché brand manager Al Boglio gave us sneak peaks into several upcoming projects. Joey is seen here with an original, hand-painted Marc McKee piece from an upcoming deck series that will be available at Skate Warehouse in May.

Dwindle Darkstar Skateboards Chet Thomas

We were introduced to legendary skateboarder and founder of Darkstar Skateboards, Chet Thomas. He joined us on the Dwindle ramp later and started shredding. He’s been around for a long time and it’s still amazing to watch him skate. The original Darkstar knight is as impressive as ever.

Dusters Creative Director Nano Nobrega

We met Nano, the Creative Director for Dusters California. The latest Dusters project commemorates the 50th anniversary of The Endless Summer with the collab cruisers seen here. The cruisers will be available at Skate Warehouse soon.

Dwindle Distribution – Heat Transfer Room

If a rider needs decks on the fly, or a shop needs an order of boards quicker than DSM Manufacturing can deliver, the Dwindle crew is ready.

Dwindle Distribution Heat Transfer Room

Dwindle Distribution Heat Transfer Peter Artiga

Dwindle Distribution Heat Transfer Heater

We got to walk in, choose any deck shape, choose any graphic from any brand and have it applied right there on the spot. Every one of us got a custom board. We’ll show you the whole process, including pros and SW crew customizing their own decks in an upcoming video.

Dwindle Distribution – Ramp Session

We skated for several hours with Daewon Song, Chet Thomas, Cody McEntire, TJ Rogers, Al Boglio and several members of the Dwindle crew. Johnny skated doubles with Daewon. Chet produced switch frontside flips with timeless style. There were some serious hammers dropped. Check out this Instagram teaser of Johnny and Daewon.

Dwindle Ramp Chet ThomasDwindle Ramp Daewon Song 2

Dwindle Ramp Daewon Song 3Dwindle Ramp Daewon Song

Dwindle Distribution And Skate Warehouse Crew

All in all, we had a great time and got a lot of work done. Big thanks to everyone at Dwindle. Be sure to keep an eye on the Go Skate Blog for a lot of exciting content in the near future, including tons of skate footage and interviews. In the meantime, buy a deck with a Dwindle/DSM stamp on it and GO SKATE!

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