About Skate Warehouse


About Skate Warehouse

Skate Warehouse is the leading online retailer for skateboards, skate shoes, clothing and much more! We offer the lowest prices and excellent customer service. Visit us at www.skatewarehouse.com or come by the shop in San Luis Obispo, CA.

We’re dedicated to everything skateboarding, from big brands to local ones, skateboards to skateboard accessories, clothing to shoes and wheels to trucks. Grab your favorite brands like Girl and Chocolate decks, Nike SB and Vans shoes, Independent Trucks or Bones and Spitfire Wheels. Hit your favorite shop section for jeans, flannels, hoodies, socks, hats and countless others. Go online to see the entire Skate Warehouse selection today.

Skate Warehouse General Information

Skate Warehouse is located at 3566 South Higuera St., Suit 300 in San Luis Obispo, CA. We can be reached by phone or email at info@skatewarehouse.com and 1-800-467-5283.

Our Customer Service phone hours are Monday through Friday, 7am to 6pm and 8am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday. Our retail store hours are 10am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday and 10am to 4pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Skate Warehouse HoursSkate Warehouse Hours

About Skate Warehouse

Skate Warehouse began with a small warehouse and retail store in 2002 in San Luis Obispo, California. Over the past 10 years we’ve gone from a small-time online and local skate retailer to a leader in the industry. Today we’re a local skate shop with a massive online presence.

Skate Warehouse hopes to continue to grow. We’ve started small and keep getting bigger. We are currently home to around 50 employees, from your favorite customer service representative to the pickers and packers and from product photographers to graphic designers. A tight knit family, Skate Warehouse employees are happy to help bring you the best service around.

Skate Warehouse Crew

Skate Warehouse is extremely active in the social world. We’ve got a solid base of followers on many different social media platforms, from Facebook to Tumblr. Each platform presents a unique experience where we can share what our users want. We like to reward our social followers and fans with special deals and discounts. Just another reason to tune in. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, Polyvore and Instagram!

Skate Warehouse Rippers

These are the guys you’ve seen around, in our videos, photos, at the parks and in the streets of San Luis Obispo. Each guy brings something unique to Skate Warehouse and each guy works hard for the cause. When they’re not out skating they’re picking and packing your orders. Meet the crew!

Adam | Zach | Cole | Matt | Jarvis | Griff | Dylan | Cam | Mike | Jeff

Adam Ottenberg

adam ottenberg photo by cole garrett

Adam has been with Skate Warehouse since 2012. He is originally from Cayucos, CA and most the time you can find him at the Cayucos ramp or up in Portland, OR visiting his friends at Unheard Distribution. He’s an avid Giants fan, has a dog named Indy and a mean frontside air.

Hometown: Cayucos, CA

Stance: Goofy

Setup: 8.5 Bacon, 149 Indys, 54mm Spitfire Wheels, Knox Hardware

Top 3 Favorite Brands: Bacon, Habitat Footwear, Brew Swet

adam ottenberg noseblunt by cole garrett
adam ottenberg feeble by jeff davis
adam ottenberg  by jeff davis

Zach Garrett

zach garrett photo by jeff davis

Originally from Palmdale, Zach started at Skate Warehouse in 2012. He is a Scorpio who lives with his brother, Cole at the Braj Mahal. You know Zach from his product reviews & trick tips. He is also one of the models for men’s apparel at SkateWarehouse.com.

Hometown: Palmdale, CA

Stance: Regular

Setup: 8.37 Baker deck, 149 Indy’s, 53mm Spitfires

Top 3 Favorite Brands: Altamont, Brixton, Vans

zach garrett crooks by jeff davis
zach garrett nosegrind by jeff davis

Cole Garrett

cole garrett mugshot

Cole got onto the Skate Warehouse crew in 2013. From his skill on a skateboard to his photography to his review videos, Cole has been a strong asset to the warehouse. When he’s not working or skating he’s taking photos.

Hometown: Palmdale, CA

Stance: Goofy

Setup: Heroin Deck, 149 Indy Trucks, 54mm Bones STF Wheels

Top 3 Favorite Brands: Fourstar, KR3W, Altamont

cole garrett back tail photo jeff davis
cole garrett backtail photo jeff davis
cole garrett footplant photo jeff davis

Matt Clifford

matt clifford mugshot by cole garrett

Matt got on board with SW in 2013. He’s a genuinely good and humble character with a deep bag of tricks. Possibly the most consistent ripper on the crew, Matt took 1st place in the 2013 Skate Warehouse Employee Games of SKATE. We’re stoked he’s part of the SW fam. Watch out for lots of great footage in the future!

Hometown: Palmdale, CA

Stance: Regular

Setup: 8.38 Baker Deck, 149 Indy Stage 11 Trucks, 53mm Spitfires, Shake Junt Hardware & Bearings

Top 3 Favorite Brands: Baker, Altamont, Shake Junt

matt clifford ollie photo cole garrett
matt clifford fence ollie photo jeff davis

Jarvis Weber

jarvis weber photo by jeff davis

Jarvis is a Skate Warehouse legend! Since 2005, Jarv has been an essential shop ninja. From trick tips and employee pick videos to the message board to being the reigning S.K.A.T.E. game champion two years running, Jarvis is a resident celebrity. He’s also a genuinely good dude. Long live Jarvis!

Hometown: San Luis Obispo, CA

Stance: Goofy

Setup: 8.38 Baker or Deathwish deck, Indy’s, 52mm Bones STF Wheels, Bones Super Reds Bearings, Black Magic Grip

Top 3 Favorite Brands: Baker Boys Distribution, Bones, Independent

jarvis weber backtail photo
jarvis weber ollie photo


griffin chiou mugshot jeff davis

Griffin Chiou is our retail manager and primary blog writer here at Skate Warehouse and has been with us since 2011. Griff is a member of the Braj Mahal, knows how to get buck and loves kitties. If you couldn’t figure out who played Santa Claus in the Happy Holidays video, now ya know.

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Stance: Regular

Setup: 8.75″ Anti Hero deck, 9″ Indy Trucks, 56mm Spitfire Wheels, Bones Swiss Bearings

Top 3 Favorite Brands: Anti Hero, Brew Swet, Spitfire

griffin chiou santa blunt screenshot

Dylan Harris

dylan harris mugshot by jeff davis

Dylan is an SW OG. Having joined Skate Warehouse in 2003, Dylan’s got seniority on all these punks and can navigate the SW aisles in his sleep. The Receiving Dept. Manager for years, he now writes for the blog periodically and handles the back end. Dylan enjoys delicious food, beautiful women and fakie bigspin manual shove-its.

Hometown: Los Osos, CA

Stance: Regular

Setup: 8.25 Deathwish, Indy Stage 11’s, 50mm Bones STF Wheels, Bones Swiss Ceramics, MOB x SW Grip

Top 3 Favorite Brands: Rasta, Camo, Weed Leaf

dylan harris crailtap integrity crew

Cameron King

cameron king mugshot by dylan harris

Cam Daddy makes beats, enjoys cooking and knows how to sweet talk a lady. He’s been with us since 2012 and has become another essential member of the SW family. King Midas!

Hometown: Atascadero, CA

Stance: Regular

Setup: 8.25″ Girl deck, Royal Trucks, 52mm Bones Wheels, Bones Reds Bearings

Top 3 Favorite Brands: Brixton, Fourstar, Girl Skateboards

cameron king nosegrind by justin dougherty

Mike Roth

mike roth mugshot by steve soria

Mike Roth came to Skate Warehouse in 2008 from Grand Rapids, MI. You know him from early trick tips as well as from pictures of the clothing online. Today he serves as a buyer here at SW. Mike will always be on The Road to Righteousness.

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI

Stance: Regular

Setup: 8.125″ Girl Mariano Deck, Ace Trucks, Spitfire Formula Four 52mm 101A Wheels

Top 3 Favorite Brands: Fourstar, Spitfire, Think Skateboards

mike roth wallie

Jeff Davis

jeff davis mugshot

Jeff Davis is one of our blog writers and our primary photographer. He’s been with SW since 2012 and lives a lavish Jeff life. Git dat skrilla killa.

Hometown: Atascadero, CA

Stance: Regular

Setup: 8.25″ Birdhouse deck, 149 Indy’s, 53mm Spitfire Wheels

Top 3 Favorite Brands: HUF, Altamont, Emerica