AOTW: Emerica Gets On Jarvis

March 6, 2014

This Apparel Of The Week post features Jarvis and some items from Emerica, Polar, Ambig, and Vans. Check it out, take some notes and be sure to pick up all these items from Skate Warehouse.

Apparel Of The Week-1 full jarvis

First things first, it is still winter so you’ve got to keep that head of yours warm. At the same time you don’t want to look like a complete kook. To help you out, we have the Polar Harbour Fold Beanie. It’s a simple design, coming in a grey colorway with a small logo embroidered patch on the front. Plus, it’s by Polar – those dudes are rad, how could you not want to support them?

Apparel Of The Week-2 Polar Harbour Beanie

The Emerica Santa Fe Flannel is unique and on point. The colors are a rare combination that isn’t like any other flannel I’ve seen. It has a casual look, yet is very pleasing to the eyes. Emerica makes it, so you know that this flannel is as tough as nails. Like a beautiful flower that only listened to the first four Black Sabbath albums during it’s blooming. Pleasing yet raw.

Apparel Of The Week Emerica Santa Fe Flannel

Apparel Of The Week-4 Emerica Santa Fe Flannel

It’s hard to find a good fitting pant that doesn’t lack quality. Well, I’ve found the cure and that cure is the Ambig Doolittle Slim Twill Pants. Ambig has been killing the apparel game lately and these pants prove it. Good fit, good comfort, just plain good all across the board.

Apparel Of The Week-5 Ambig Doolittle Vans Era

Vans has ruled the shoe business before I was even born. Time after time they continue to out do themselves and the Vans Era 59 Shoes in the Black/Beach Glass color way is proof. I have always been a fan of the Era model, and this colorway is just too clean. Casual yet ready for destruction. Stoke your feet out and throw these shoes on. Happy feet equal a happy life.

That about does it for this Apparel of the Week. Stay tuned for next week’s addition. Until then, check out the rest of the blog and GO SKATE.

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