AOTW: Fourstar, RVCA and More!

February 27, 2014

Keeping you looking clean so your mother doesn’t have too. In this installment of Apparel Of The Week, I feature some new items from RVCA, Fourstar, Globe and Nixon. All of these items are available on our site as we speak so head over after you enjoy this week’s segment.

SW Apparel Of The Week 2.24.14

Apparel OTW Full

The Fourstar Koston Straight Slim Chino Pants in Khaki are the perfect fitting pants. Not only that, they also have the exact amount of stretchiness you need, leaving you feeling unrestrained in all your skateboarding maneuvers. They include Fourstar detailing throughout yet they keep it simple. Plus they’re Eric Koston’s signature pants, and I mean Koston’s the best. These pants are the best, enough said.

Apparel OTW RVCA

We have the RVCA That’ll Do Tye Dye Woven Shirt, a clean button up shirt with a nice and simple tie-dye design. One that isn’t too over the top but will attract just the right amount of attention.

Apparel OTW Nixon

The new Nixon Private Watch coming in a brand new natural and black color way. Nothing says “boss” more than a watch does, let alone this one. Plus it can’t hurt to always know the time, or when to just be fashionably late. Either way this Nixon watch will be a plus in any situation.

Apparel OTW Globe

Lastly the Globe Barletta Taurus Shoes in Toffee. Globe’s latest and greatest shoe by Louie Barletta. A stellar new shoe in every aspect possible, buying a pair of these will probably be one of the greatest choices you’ll make all year. We will be having another blog post tomorrow going deeper into the features and details of this gem of a shoe so be sure to stay posted.

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