AOTW: Glassy, Brixton And More

March 27, 2014

We’ve got new products from Brixton, Glassy, Bro Style, JSLV, Volcom and DC on this segment of Apparel of the Week. Kick your shoes off and get your feet wet for this week’s AOTW.

AOTW: Brixton, Glassy, Bro Style, JSLV, Volcom and DC

AOTW 3-26 Sam Full Body Brixton Bro Style Volcom DC Glassy Jslv

AOTW 3-26 Brixton Meyer Hat

Spring break is upon us, and hopefully you’ll be outside soaking up all that sun. Before you go running outside make sure you throw on this new Brixton Meyer Snapback hat. It’s simple, clean and gets the job done. Take my word for it, shade that face and avoid becoming the creepy guy with the sunburn. Nobody wants that to happen.

AOTW 3-26 Glassy Cancer Hater

While you’re protecting your face, protect your eyes as well. The Glassy Deric Cancer Haters should be your top choice. Cancer sucks so why not rise against it while also protecting those pretty pupils? They look good and serve a solid purpose. Try to beat that!

AOTW 3-26 Bro Style Hula Shirt

While you’re down at the dock or scoping your prey from the shore you’ll probably be popping that top off cause sun’s out means guns out. Or maybe you stacked on a few too many LB’s over the winter and you’re keeping it on. Either way the Bro Style Hula Girls # 1 T-Shirt is for you. Sports a cool front graphic while also poking fun at the bro next to you at the beach blaring that newest Nickelback album.

Nothing says causal more than the JSLV Palms Woven. Taking it to a whole new level with this one. Perfect for your outside time, a few beers and a lawn chair.

AOTW 3-26 Volcom Stonewater shorts

It’s gonna get hot outside, meaning pants are gonna hit the bench while shorts will be getting in the game. Why not get the Michael Jordan of shorts and pick up the Volcom Stonewater’s? As we all know by now Volcom is king, simple as that. They weren’t given this title without supplying goods like these. Buy these shorts and I’m sure they’ll be the only pair you’ll be purchasing for years.

AOTW 3-26 DC studio shoes

I’m assuming a lot of you will be rocking sandals when the heat begins to take charge this summer. Don’t go down that road, it’s a slippery slope. Be sure to pick up the DC Studio S Shoes instead. The midnight colorway is mean and lean. These low cut shoes are the right choice for all of your outdoor activities. Don’t be the friend who keeps complaining about his lame ass sandals falling off, be the dude who’s trailblazing the front with the DC Studio.

Alright, that’s all folks. Make sure to hit the beach for me and keep an eye out for sandals and sharks. Be sure to pick up all these products and many others from Skate Warehouse.

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