AOTW: Happy Hour Sunglasses And Friends

June 19, 2014

This weeks exciting new Apparel of the Week features a look on the one and only Jerime Ford. We’re showing off some great new products from brands like Hurley, Vans, Element and Happy Hour Sunglasses. This week is juicy, come take a bite. Get the entire look, HERE!

AOTW: Happy Hour Sunglasses, Vans and More!

AOTW 6.19.14 Full

AOTW 6.19.14 Happy Hour Sunglasses 6.19.14 -5

I know in the past few AOTW’s I’ve talked about how much you need sunglasses on these hot summer days. But the Happy Hour Beagle Purple Drank Sunglasses are what make summer days hot. Throw these shades on and you’ll be breaking necks as you pass by.

AOTW 6.19.14 Happy Hour Sunglasses Element Woven-4

Stay cool and look cool in the Element Neo Geo Woven. This button up does a damn good job of keeping it on the level. Element doesn’t disappoint with this one. A classy woven while still providing a little bit of funk in your life.

AOTW 6.19.14 Vans Shoes Hurley Denim-3

It might be a little hot for jeans but you’ll be high on fire while rocking the Hurley 84 Slim Jeans Grease. Grease up and you’ll be one slick looking fella. Skate in them and the footage will look that much better. Guarantee you’ll be turning more heads in these instead of those old cargos your aunt got you for Christmas last year.

AOTW 6.19.14 Vans Shoes-2

The Vans AV Classic Shoes are the bread and butter of this week’s AOTW. You don’t get much better than these. Anthony Van Engelen’s signature shoe is killing em’. They have that classic look that keeps you coming back. Make sure you shred them as well, ’cause even a flower gets mowed at some point. Make sure to get your hands on them.

That does it for this AOTW. Be sure to hash tag #AOTW to show us your Apparel of the Week! Pick up all your goods at Skate Warehouse and see you all next week. GO SKATE!

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