AOTW: HUF Goes Waikiki And More

June 12, 2014

After a short hiatus, Apparel of the Week is back in action! Bringing you the best new kits in the warehouse. Don’t miss a beat ’cause we have a lot of ground to cover. You know… to make up for the lost time. This week we feature picks from Glassy Sunglasses, HUF, Ambig, Fourstar and Lakai. Get this entire look, HERE!

AOTW: Glassy, HUF, Ambig, Fourstar and Lakai

Apparel Of The Week HUF Ambig Fourstar Lakai Glassy Full

Apparel Of The Week HUF Glassy

Summer is here and it’s bright! Instead of squinting all the time just throw on a pair of the Glassy Leonard Tie Dye sunglasses. Tie-dye is the color of summer and it just can’t be beat. Fresh and essential is one hell of a combo.

Apparel Of The Week HUF Waikiki Ambig

The HUF Waikiki Woven speaks for itself. The downfall to this shirt is the amount of bros being like, “Where’d you get that chill ass shirt?” Besides that this shirt will bring you nothing short of a good time. I mean it can also bring you a lot more than just a “good time” so be forewarned. Only wear this if you can handle the luxury and success that comes with HUF.

Apparel Of The Week HUF Waikiki Ambig Free

Things get heated in, well…the heat! Anything goes, and that includes sleeves! Tank tops are a way to fight this 100 plus degree war on weather. The Ambig Free Tank takes it to whole new level. It’ll have you looking and feeling ice cold.

Apparel Of The Week HUF Fourstar

Shorts are a necessity in the blazing heat. Meet your favorite new shorts. The Fourstar Ishod Shorts are king. They are equipped with everything that makes up a good pair of shorts. They’re simple and stop at the knee, thus providing you with that wind-cooling affect your knees are known to love.

Apparel Of The Week HUF Plant Life Lakai Camby

Instead of being the dork in sandals yet again put some damn shoes on! What’s the problem with sandals? YOU CAN’T SKATE IN THEM. So pick up the Lakai Cambys in the new suede black and white colorway. These shoes are low profile and you can shred all day in them! Skate a ramp then hit the beach!

That does it for this AOTW. Hope you all enjoyed it. Stay up till the next one and be sure to pick up these goods with many others at Skate Warehouse.

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