AOTW: The Supra Shotgun Goes Off!

March 20, 2014

The latest installment of the Skate Warehouse Apparel Of The Week, or AOTW as we’re calling it, features Griffin in new pieces from Supra, DGK, Organika and Grizzly. Don’t worry about the expiration date because this addition of AOTW is guaranteed fresh.

AOTW: Supra Shotgun, DGK Camo, Organika and Grizzly

AOTW 3-20-14-2 Full Griffin Grizzly Organika DGK Supra

AOTW 3-20-14-5 DGK Working Chino Camo Supra Shotgun Shoes

The Keelan Dadd x Supra Shotgun Shoes are killer. A signature Supra Shotgun shoe from Mr. Dadd, perfect for stomping streets and stomping bolts. Anyway you take it these shoes are a necessity. This black and purple colorway make it a one of a kind kick. Definitely the freshest shoes in the warehouse, hands down.

AOTW 3-20-14-5 DGK Working Chino Camo Supra Shotgun Shoes

Camo has been around since the dawn of time, but it never looked this good. DGK brings you the Working Man 4 Chino pants in woodland camo (also available in Tiger Camo). Whether you’re trying to blend in or stick out, these pants will get the job done. Camo will always be around but I’m not sure if it’ll ever look this good again.

AOTW 3-20-14-4 Organika Dove

Maybe you’re dressing to impress or maybe you’re just caught up in a cloud of puff puff pass. Either way the Organika Dove Leaf T-shirt is for you. From the pleasing front graphic to it’s thick durability, everything here is on point. This shirt will make sure that you’re always getting greens.

AOTW 3-20-14-3 Grizzly Vintage G Hat

The Grizzly Vintage G Snapback Hat is simple, clean and cool. Grizzly is known for their high quality and superior products. Obviously this hat is in the same caliber. A lot like their griptape, it’s rough but it looks damn good.

That about does it for this week’s AOTW. Be sure to pick up all these items at Skate Warehouse and Go Skate.

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