AOTW: Thrasher, Adidas, Ambig

April 3, 2014

This week’s segment of AOTW features our resident ripper Johnny Ransom and products from Ambig, Thrasher, Krooked, Fourstar and Adidas. Before you go meet up with your buds at the local schoolyard to shred that new ledge you just found, check out our latest Apparel of the Week.

AOTW: Ambig, Thrasher, Krooked, Fourstar and Adidas

AOTW 4-1 Johnny Full

AOTW 4-1 Ambig Gatherer 5 Panel

First things first, haircuts are expensive, plus no one wants to sit in a chair awkwardly as some old man seduces your hair. Instead just make life easier and pick up the Ambig Gatherer 5 panel hat. Throw your long mangled mop into this guy and you’re good to go. No hassle, plop it on and hit the streets.

AOTW 4-1 Thrasher Skate And Destroy Sweatshirt

Thrasher is the best, and if you didn’t know then now you do. They’ve maintained one of the greatest skateboard mags of all time. So whenever you get the chance you should pay your dues and support them. It’s been cold here recently and when that happens you can’t go wrong with a new hoodie. The Thrasher Skate and Destroy hoodie is a solid pick. Simple rules to live by.

AOTW 4-1 Krooked Skrillz To Pay The Billz ShirtAOTW 4-1 Krooked Skrillz To Pay The Billz Shirt Close

Think you got the skrillz to pay the bills? Not without this shirt you don’t. The Krooked Skrillz to Pay the Billz T-Shirt is really all you need in life. The Gonz has always provided killer art, making this a hard shirt to pass up.

AOTW 4-1 Fourstar Ishod Jean

Everyone has dreamed of being Skater of the Year. Now you can at least wear SOTY signature pants. Close enough right? Either way Fourstar brings you the Ishod Wair Straight Slim Jeans in dark indigo. Ishod has been on top of the skateboarding world lately, and so are his pants!

AOTW 4-1 Adidas Seeley White

Black shoes are becoming a bore. If I had a dollar for every pair of thrashed up black shoes I have in my closet, well I’d probably be sitting on a yacht instead of at this desk. What I’m trying to say is that it’s time to switch it up. Try the Adidas Seeleys in white/grey/white. No matter how many times you stick your old shoes in the washing machine, they will never be as clean as these Adidas. Save yourself the time and be sure to pick up a pair.

That does it for this week’s AOTW. Thanks for checking it out and be sure to pick up all these goods and much more at Skate Warehouse.

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