AOTW: Zeal Optics Front And Center

March 13, 2014

This week’s segment of SW’s AOTW features Cameron in some fresh new products from Fourstar, Huf, Zeal Optics and Matix. Sit back, relax and enjoy our latest Apparel of the Week.

AOTW: Zeal Optics, Matix, Fourstar, Huf

AOTW 3-13-14 Cameron King

AOTW 3-13-14 Zeal Optics 6th Street Polarized

The sun’s out more and more every day. That means it’s time to pick up a new pair of shades to protect those precious eyes. The Zeal Optics 6th Street Polarized Sunglasses are what you want on your face. Why not kill two birds with one stone? Protect those pupils and look damn good doing it.

AOTW 3-13-14 Matix MYC WovenAOTW 3-13-14 Zeal Optics Matix Woven

The Matix MYC Woven is a classy new button up. A Mike Anderson signature piece in a brown plaid pattern, you know it’s a keeper. You can go skate in it, go to a job interview in it, help an old lady cross the street in. It really works in any situation.

AOTW 3-13-14 Matix MYC Fourstar Carroll Pants

Who doesn’t want to be as cool as Mike Carroll? Take a step in that direction and pick up his signature pants, the Fourstar Carroll Standard Chino Pants in this Rosin colorway (also available in Dark Putty). Everyone will be praising you and yelling, “Yeah Right!”.

AOTW 3-13-14 Huf Galaxy Shoes

People say image is everything and I can’t really argue with that. I guarantee that your back smith will be looking ten times better in the Huf Galaxy Shoes in Off White. They’re so clean you can practically eat off them.

AOTW 3-13-14 Zeal Fourstar Huf

That wraps up another week of AOTW. Be sure to pick up these items and many others at Skate Warehouse.

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