Asphalt Yacht Club Hits The Shores Of SW

May 8, 2014

Asphalt Yacht Club-10

We got our main man Jarvis to throw on the new diggs from Asphalt Yacht Club, ’cause who doesn’t like lookin’ at Jarv in cool new clothes from a new brand? We had a small drop from AYC a while back but decided to wait for the mother load before throwing it up here on the blog. A whole lotta Asphalt Yacht Club has set sail, crossed the great divide and pulled up to harbor here on the shelves of Skate Warehouse. Check out the full line below and click through to head over to SW to purchase the gear you wanna steer.

Asphalt Yacht Club describes themselves with the words comfort, quality, individuality and success. AYC not only represents those words but comes from the mind of skateboarding legend Stevie Williams. This collection offers the top-shelf quality and fresh design you’re looking for from the team you want to represent.

Asphalt Yacht Club Drop

Asphalt Yacht Club-5Asphalt Yacht Club-6

The OG Triad T-Shirt

Asphalt Yacht Club-3Asphalt Yacht Club-17

The Flip N Dip Tank Top and Reactive Rainbow T-Shirt

Asphalt Yacht Club-7Asphalt Yacht Club-4

The Forbes Tie Dye T-Shirt and Allover Ice T-Shirt

Asphalt Yacht ClubAsphalt Yacht Club-11

The Ice T-Shirt and Ice Raglan

Asphalt Yacht Club-8Asphalt Yacht Club-18

The Delta Force Raglan and Camo Knockout T-Shirt

Asphalt Yacht Club-13Asphalt Yacht Club-14

The Big A T-Shirts

Asphalt Yacht Club-16Asphalt Yacht Club-2

The Roman T-Shirts

Asphalt Yacht Club-19Asphalt Yacht Club-21

The OG AYC Hoodzip, Hoodie and Camo Snapback Hat

When putting together the AYC team, Stevie wanted to do something truly original. With a wide variety of styles and a common bond forged through skateboarding, the AYC team is as diverse as the clothing they represent. To quote Stevie, “Any kid can look at the team and pick the skateboarder they like, and then also see that all of these dudes are together, having fun skating, and that’s what it’s about. It’s a new brotherhood.” The team features professional skateboarders Stevie Williams, Stefan Janoski, Nyjah Huston, and Justin “Figgy” Figueroa as well as ams Riley Hawk, Ben Nordberg, Derrick Wilson and Blake Carpenter.” –AYC

Shop all AYC at Skate Warehouse and stay tuned in to New Stuff on the Go Skate Blog.

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