Series Spotlight: Ass Grass or Cash Spitfire Wheels

March 31, 2014

In this installment of Series Spotlight, we’ve got Spitfire F1 Streetburners dead in our sights. The Ass Grass or Cash series features two different shapes in five different sizes, ranging from 50mm to 54mm.

Series Spotlight: Ass Grass or Cash Spitfire Wheels

Ass Grass or Cash-4

The Ishod Wair (51mm/53mm and 52mm/54mm) and Shane O’Neill (51mm/53mm and 50mm/52mm) models come in that round classic Spitfire shape, great for locking in on rails and coping and for keeping the weight down for those flip tricks.

Ass Grass or Cash Wair

Ass Grass or Cash-O'Neill

The Justin Brock model F1’s (52mm/54mm and 52mm/53mm swirl) come in the Spitfire Wide shape, which has unreal grip for better control and more speed.

Ass Grass or Cash-Brock

These wheels are available in a variety of colors to suit every skater’s taste. With the F1 Streetburner urethane you know you’re getting a top quality product with fewer flatspots, better slide, better grip and more speed. Plus the graphics are of hot cartoon babes, who doesn’t like that? And since Deluxe likes to go all the way, you gotta peep the Nobody Rides For Free tie dye t-shirt, a definite crowd pleaser.

Ass Grass or Cash-5

Be sure to check out our full selection of Spitfire wheels and other Spitfire goods, then get out there and go skate!

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