Best Halloween Skateboarding Costume Ideas


Happy Halloween, skateboarders. We put together a list of the best Halloween skateboarding costume ideas we could think of. Throw it together last minute, get inspired for next year or just have some fun thinking about it. Take a look through our list and get to it.

Halloween skateboarding Costume Idea Richie Jackson

You can be a Hippy, a Gypsy, a Pirate and Richie Jackson – just wax and curl your ‘stache, get a wild silk paisley shirt, wear a bunch of your sister’s jewelry and do tricks no one’s ever seen before.

Halloween Costume Idea Richie Jackson

Halloween skateboarding Costume Ideas Bart Simpson

Bart Simpson – Do the Bartman on a neon green skateboard and tell the world to eat your shorts, man. Reddish tee, blue shorts, blue shoes, skate the roof of your Dad’s car. Watch out for Sideshow Bobs in the crowd.

Halloween Costume Ideas Bart Simpson Thrasher

Halloween Costume Ideas Marty McFly Hoverboard

Marty McFly – What’s that thing he’s on? It’s a board withOUT wheels! Throw on some chucks, cuff your jeans and dust off a varsity jacket. Skitch your way back to the future by pulling off the trucks and painting that shit pink.

Halloween skateboarding Costume Ideas Vintage Farrah Fawcett

Vintage Skateboard Chick – A lot of pros talk about growing up watching their big sisters cruise around on wooden banana boards, why not pay some homage with a costume? A perfect idea for the ladies or for the bros who like to embrace their inner Farrah Fawcett.

Halloween Costume Ideas Vintage Skateboard Chicks

Halloween Costume Ideas Ninja Turtle Skateboard

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Pepperoni pizza, drainage ditches, New York City and (skate) rats are already an integral part of skateboarding life. Embrace it. Go next level in a cheesy Ninja Turtle costume with a board under your feet. Totally awesome shredding.

Halloween skateboarding Costume Ideas Ninja Turtle

Halloween skateboarding Costume Ideas 1970s Tony Alva

1970s Tony Alva – He’s iconic for a reason. Get yourself a curly wig, wrap a bandana around it, yank up some striped crew socks and skate an empty pool in short-shorts with aggressive confidence.

Halloween Costume Ideas 1970s Tony Alva

Halloween Costume Ideas Chris Haslam

Chris Haslam or Slash – With an epic metal beard, long hair and a beanie, you’re but a kickflip one-footed nose manual away from the Chris Haslam costume. Could probably pass as Slash as well.

Halloween Skateboarding Costume Ideas 90s Chad Muska

90’s Chad Muska – You need Circa’s with a stash pocket tongue, a Shorty’s deck, a boombox and red tank top. Find a camo backpack with a skate strap. Wear giant headphones. The Muska in full effect.

Flamboyant Jim Greco – This won’t be too hard but it may be a tad uncomfortable in the crotch. No disrespect, Greco is an amazing skateboarder, but for a while there it seemed every day was Halloween at Jim’s house.

The Gonz – Gonz goes a long way. Pick your favorite Gonz and go for it, whether it’s a prisoner suit from Alcattraz or the pink suit and cigar. Go the extra mile and assemble yourself the classic skateboard wheel.

Bones Logo or Toy Machine Sect – These guys are on point. Get some cardboard, some spray paint and get to it.

Toy Machine Sect Costume

Bones Logo Costume

Obviously the list goes on, all you need is a couple more beers and some creativity. Flame Boy and Wet Willy? The old folks from Chocolate Tour? Got more? What are some of your favorite skateboarding costumes?