Bones Wheels – What Shape Do YOU Ride?

April 28, 2014

Bones Wheels STF Shape Breakdown

Bones Wheels set the standard for urethane in the skate industry. Many skateboarders have sworn by Bones as their favorite wheels, hands down, for decades. They so rarely flatspot that you’ll often suspect they’re 90% urethane, 10% magic. They have several well designed wheel shapes to choose from and a solid selection of urethane formulas to provide you with exactly the wheels you need.

Click the chart on the right to learn more about Bones Wheels’ impressive Street Tech Formula and watch the videos below for some insight into the Bones riders’ favorite wheel shapes.

What shape do you ride?

Dakota Servold rides V1 Bones Wheels

I ride the Bones V1, they remind me of a classic skate wheel. I’ve always loved skating Bones and now I get to skate for my favorite wheel company. They’re great for locking into rails, great for just skating down the street, never flatspot. Powerslide down a hill all you want and they last forever. Great wheels, love em, buy em, forever, Bones!”

– Dakota Servold

Jordan Hoffart rides V2 Bones Wheels

All Bones wheels are good, obviously, but I prefer the 51mm V2 STF. They’re a little bit more square. They give me more room on my hanger. Basically they pick up speed real fast and then hold the speed. I have no problem getting the speed and it’s just one less thing I have to think about when I really should just be concentrating on the trick I’m trying. They don’t flatspot obviously, so I’ll ride these till they’re just little bearing covers. 100% slide-ability. Bones all day!”

– Jordan Hoffart

I’m riding the V2s, the Street Techs. They’re 53’s but… they’re probably about 52’s now. They got another six months in ’em. That’s why I ride Bones – so I can ride my wheels for close to a year.”

David Gravette

I like to ride Bones STF 51mm V2 because they’re good for powerslides and you lock in better on flat bars cause they’re just flat on the sides, you don’t slip off. You lock in a lot better”

Trent McClung

Ryan Reyes rides V3 Bones Wheels

I like to ride the 54mm wheels cause they’re a little bit bigger but the V3’s are skinnier. There’s less friction when I’m doing bluntslides, cause it’s like my favorite trick. I prefer to ride a Ben Raybourn wheel just in case it helps me skate like him. I just love Bones with all my heart. I’ll never cheat on ’em – they’re the best.”

– Ryan Reyes

Taylor Bingaman rides V5 Bones Wheels

I’m here to tell you why I ride the V5’s. I ride the 53mm’s, they’re a little wider than the normal Bones I’ve been riding, the V2s. That and they’ve got a more rounded shape to them. They look more like a traditional, older wheel which is what I like. Check them out, you’ll like them too.”

– Taylor Bingaman

Whether you’re already a die hard Bones Wheels enthusiast or have never tried them before, we highly recommend you pick up your next set at Skate Warehouse. Also, be sure to check out our recent blog post on the new Bones Wheels V-Series. Go skate some Bones!

Bones Wheels Abrasion Test

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