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New stuff available at Skate Warehouse


For those of you that have been waiting for the new board brand Mother Collective to grace the deck wall here at SW, wait no longer. Mother has finally hit the shelves and is available in-store only! Mother is a real grass-roots company with a powerhouse team and we here at Skate Warehouse are proud to support!

He likes smiths, he likes kinks. Shoot he probably likes The Smiths and The Kinks. Dakota Servold, handrail annihilator, is coming at you with his new Dekline Dakota shoe. Check it out.

It's official! Brandon Westgate is the newest member of the Element family and his first pro model boards are available now. Continue reading to check out the new decks along with a look back at some of the amazing parts Westgate has put out through the years.

Sometimes you gotta make sacrifices; like swallowing the testicular cancer pill and carting your swollen nuts around town in a wheelbarrow just to hit that sweet Mary Jane. The HUF x South Park collab has some goodies lined up this 420 holiday. Learn more about these limited collectables.

Humble cranberry farmer and East Coast skateboarding powerhouse, Brandon Westgate, has officially joined the Element Skateboards family. We're excited to see what he does with such a powerful brand behind him. Decks are now available at Skate Warehouse and they look delicious!

The first batch of Pizza Skateboards has arrived. The all new skater owned and operated company out of Sacramento, CA is dishing out some healthy gear. Their first drop is available now and consists of the Pizza Emoji deck, Fat Girl deck, Chucky deck, Pizza logo deck and hat, delivery hat and a take out t-shirt. Gimme…

Who would have thought Disney backs Thrasher? The Thrasher Mousegoat pushed Micky Mouse out of the way and is taking over. Will this be the only run we'll see of this caliber?

Pyramid Country's first full length edit Exeter is available now. Since its premier a couple weeks ago Exeter has been all the hype of the skate world. Features parts from Jonathan Pierce, Pat Green, Kevin Skutnik, Dean Palmer, Kevin “brother” Braun (got the last part) and many more. DVD comes with over an hour of bonu…

We are stoked to announce the return of one of the best skate shoe brands of all time, etnies are back! Our first delivery of all new etnies just hit the shelves. Grab a pair and be the envy of all your bros.