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Mystery guests are revealed in Webisode 9. Generator races, jousting, kegboards, and a near disaster of blazing proportions all contribute to the midway madness in Sacramento.

Gold Wheels just launched the Gold Goons trailer for a full length picture due early 2014. The lineup is a packed madhouse of psycho talent and ballin' skate cats. Get hyped, fool!

Everyone wondered if Tony Hawk would get involved and get dirty to help Birdhouse on KOTR. Hell yes, he does. Also, Clint Walker is the make-out king, and Clive Dixon lipslides a monster rail.

The Enjoi team hits Phoenix, AZ. They all get the dubstep blues, exposed breasts are everywhere and pee gets drank up. Skateboarding actually happens in there somewhere.

Birdhouse kills it in Albuquerque, NM for the win! Watch Clint Walker, Ben Raybourn, Clive Dixon, Mike Davis, Jerome Case and Aaron Homoki slay their way to the top in Webisode 4 of KOTR 2013.

The Real crew gets in it to win it running through Portland, OR for Thrasher's King of the Road 2013 - Webisode 3. A stripper skates a flat rail, Brock tats Thrasher, pee gets chugged and Jake Ruiz lands one of the burliest 50-50s in King of the Road history.

Congratulations to John Lucero! The winner of this year's TWS Legend Award, Lucero will be honored tonight during the 16th Annual TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards in Long Beach. Cheers!

The Chocolate Team gets crunchy in Denver, CO. Watch Elijah Berle, Stevie Perez, Vincent Alvarez, Raven Tershy, Justin Eldridge and Coach Cory Kennedy in Thrasher's King of the Road 2013 - Webisode 2.

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