X-Games Real Street 2014

Real Street 2014 Thumbnail.jpg

The X-Games Real Street Contest is back once again. 16 pros put together 60 second parts for a shot to win the gold. You can watch all there parts over at the X-Games website and tweet your vote for the “Fan Favorite”. You can vote once everyday. All these parts are pretty heavy so be sure to check them out and vote for whom you think deserves it. On May 26th they will be cutting down the roster to only 8 skaters and than the final four on June 1st. So don’t wait too long or perhaps your favorite skater might just get eliminated. Vote HERE.

Bones Wheels – What Shape Do YOU Ride?

Bones Wheels Abrasion Test Thumbnail

Bones Wheels set the standard for skate urethane. Many skateboarders have sworn by Bones as their favorite wheels, hands down, for decades. They so rarely flatspot that you’ll often suspect they’re 90% urethane, 10% magic. Find out which Bones team riders ride which STF shapes and why.