Series Spotlight | enjoi Movie Poster Decks

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Enjoi Movie PosterStraight from the silver screen and onto your favorite boards is the enjoi Movie Poster series of decks. Humor in a fashion that is classically enjoi, these boards boast graphic entertainment as well as top-notch construction. Get your fill of popcorn and laughs from either Caswell Berry, Jimmy Carlin or Louie Barletta. Constructed using Impact-Plus technology, these decks utilized a carbon-fiber top-ply insert as well as circular carbon-fiber inserts at the truck mounts. What does it all mean? A stiffer, stronger board with long lasting pop made to hold up under extreme abuse. Take a look at the enjoi Movie Poster decks for yourself!

Finesse x Robotech 30th Anniversary Series

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Robotech homeIn celebration of 30 years of Robotech, Finesse hit us with a killer collab series. We’re especially hyped on these boards, and not just because there’s a SW exclusive colorway. If you’re not familiar with Robotech, we got you covered with a brief description. Robotech is a science-fiction anime series derived from a popular Japanese TV show which made its way to the United States in the 1980s. Robotech eventually inspired books, video games, toys, and now even skateboard decks. These decks make for a great collectors item, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t highly skate-able as well.

Series Spotlight | Anti Hero Overdue Decks

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Anti Hero Overdue homeBoard chipped? Razor tail, perhaps? Maybe you’ve been skating ever so gingerly as not to aggravate that crack you’ve been nursing in the top-ply. Well it’s time to drop the shenanigans and get your hands on one of the new Anti Hero Overdue decks. Fresh off the press and ready to shred, this rad Anti Hero series provides a great alternative to reading and other time wasting activity. Get outta that lounge chair, kick off those loafers and hit the streets!

The Stereo Dynamic Series

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Stereo Dynamic Series homeTrying to plaque up some original deck art at home or roll through the streets on some quality shaped decks with creative designs? We proudly brings you the Stereo Dynamics Series, which draws on inspiration from 1950’s Aviation poster designs. The main reason Pastras and Lee initially decided to collaborate back in 1992 was to offer the skateboarding world the creativity it lacked.