Polar “Manhattan Days” | Behind the Scenes

polar manhattan days

If you haven’t seen the Polar “Manhattan Days” video, you’re missing out. A Super 8mm short, released in October of 2014, “Manhattan Days” was definitely one of the coolest skate films of the year. Between the NYC scenery, the filming, skating, and music, the whole vibe of this video is nothing short of magical. Pontus Alv, Aaron Herrington, Jerome Campbell and the rest of the Polar/Cons crew give us a taste of what city skating is all about. Polar knows that it’s all about stoke and good times, but that doesn’t mean there is any shortage of amazing skateboarding. If you don’t want to grab your board and swerve through pedestrians and traffic with your buds after watching it, there may be no help left. Thanks to Jenkem Mag, we have some behind some scenes footage of the making of this 8mm masterpiece. Check it out here!

Rowan Zorilla Propeller RAW FILES

rowan zorilla propeller

The Vans Propeller RAW FILES just keep getting better and better. Fresh off the flow-gram and into the amateur roster is Rowan Zorilla, one hair-ball dude with tricks to match. Rowan is definitely one guy to keep your eye on, he’s been on a killing spree since his Shep Dawgs 4 part. This dude’s got style and an eye for rad spots and the right tricks for ’em. Get your fill of the Rowan Zorilla Propeller Raw Files here!

Neff in Sedona | High Times in the High Desert

neff in sedona

Recently the Neff team packed up the van and departed from Long Beach, CA to do some AZ shredding. They stopped off at the Sedona skatepark and killed it, leaving no obstacle untouched. Leo Romero, Dakota Servold, Jaws and more all ripped the place to shreds, even with the desert heat on their backs. Check out the Neff in Sedona clip here!

5 Years At The Bottom DVD

5 Years At The Bottom thumbnail

5 Years At The Bottom homePD Distribution has officially released Dustin Dollin’s Five Years At The Bottom DVD. If you aren’t familiar with the Piss Drunx, take some time and do a little research into the early Baker days. Dustin Dollin’s bringing that PD nostalgia back with a heavy crew of up and coming rippers, like, Nathan Jackson, Ryan Wilson, Tom Snape, Gabriel Summers, Karl Truell and more.

Chris Pfanner Propeller RAW FILES

chris pfanner propeller

If I had to describe Chris Pfanner’s skating in three words, those words would be “top rope only”. Chris Pfanner is seriously f*cked, skating massive gaps and rails at top speed and looking damn good doing it. His part in Vans Propeller is unreal, filled with hairball maneuvers on out-of-this-world obstacles you just have to see to believe. The Chris Pfanner Propeller RAW FILES clip is no joke either, the raw footage really gives you an idea of just how gnarly his skating is.

Vans Pool Party 2015 Recap

Vans Pool Party 2015

If you happened to miss the 10th annual Vans Pool Party this past weekend it’s ok, we have the recap footage from Thrasher and Transworld for you here. Pedro Barros and Chris Russell annihilate every inch of the bowl, but in the end it was Tom Schaar’s silky smooth style and massive airs that earned him the win.