Vans Pool Party 2015 Recap

Vans Pool Party 2015

If you happened to miss the 10th annual Vans Pool Party this past weekend it’s ok, we have the recap footage from Thrasher and Transworld for you here. Pedro Barros and Chris Russell annihilate every inch of the bowl, but in the end it was Tom Schaar’s silky smooth style and massive airs that earned him the win.

Micky Papa “Blinded” Part

micky papa

If technical skating is your bag, Micky Papa is your man. It’s quite clear this dude’s got it, making hammers look like child’s play. Executing the pop and flick with surgical precision, you’ll be hitting the rewind button to see exactly what he just did. No wonder he landed a spot on Blind alongside tech masters Sewa Kroetkov and Morgan Smith.

The Spitfire Video 1993

spitfire video

Now here’s a real classic piece of skate history. Chances are you haven’t seen the Spitfire Video from ’93, but it’s a definite must-watch. Jamie Thomas, Jason Dill, Max Schaaf… the list goes on. Some dudes you’ve heard of plus some you haven’t, this is some great nostalgia for those who appreciate such. A great reminder that Spitfire has been killing it for some time now. Sit back and enjoy this blast from the past.

Good Luck Forrest Edwards!

forrest edwards

The Street League Skateboarding Pro Open is happening this weekend in Barcelona and Forrest Edwards, forever the underdog, made it out thanks to the generous donations through Jenkem Magazine. Hate him or love him, Forrest Edwards is undeniably gnarly. To commemorate Forrest’s arrival in Street League, We thought we would share a few of our favorite clips of him. While opinions on Street League are mixed, it’s rad to see such an under-the-radar dude get a chance at some money and bumming out the big names out there. Good luck Forrest!

Daniel Lutheran Propeller RAW FILES

daniel lutheran propeller raw files

Dan Lu definitely had a stand out part in Propeller. He’s got style for miles and skates some of the most buck obstacles out there, making hammers look like a casual walk in the park. Because of his laid-back style it can be hard to tell just how gnarly his tricks are. But let me assure you everything he puts out is heavy to say the least, and his Propeller RAW FILES are no exception. With skating this good, it’s no wonder Daniel Lutheran is amongst the elite on the Vans squad.

Bones Swiss European Vacation

bones swiss european vacation

Dream spots, rad skating and a killer crew all add up to the Bones Swiss European Vacation. Taylor Bingaman, Justin Strubing, Bobby Worrest and more will have you flowing with spot envy while they do work on some seriously cool terrain. Bones only f*cks with the best in the biz, so you know these dudes are straight killing from beginning to end. You’ll be booking your flights by the time this clip is over.