Are you stuck on stocking stuffer ideas for the skateboarder in your life? Maybe your particular skate rat just started skating. Or perhaps this ragtag rider just came into your life and you have no idea what's useful, what's cool and what's totally lame. If you're in need of gifts that are sure to delight any skater,…

It’s that time again, the bell has rung and its time for class. As we bring our bi-weekly segment of Status Report. Telling you as much skate industry news as the illuminati allows us.

The Supreme Cherry video, Ronnie Creager off Blind, floating skate ramps, enjoi's Oververt and more! Get your skate news in this installment of the Go Skate Status Report.

WTF is Alex Olson's Bianca Chandon?! Ryan Sheckler gets Stoned. C1RCA gains new AMigos. The Berrics 2UP manual contest has a winner. The Back Forty gets straight-up weird. Hoverboards are real and more!

Introducing the Go Skate Blog Status Report, a weekly article about anything news in the skate industry. From who got kicked off what to who did what down Wallenberg, check in to keep yourself more educated than the snobbiest skate nerd on your block.

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