Dustin Dollin Propeller RAW FILES

dustin dollin propeller

Dustin Dollin is gnarly. With one of the longest standing careers in skateboarding and continually pushing his limits, DD is really giving the kids a run for their money. Dollin steps to spots that few others dare to and takes a beating for his tricks. Ain’t no thing for Spawn though, he’s been tossing his body for years now with no sign of slowing down. One of Vans‘ longest standing riders, you know that Dollin puts in work. If you need proof, check out the Dustin Dollin Propeller RAW FILES here!

Tony Trujillo Propeller RAW FILES

tony trujillo propeller

TNT has been a Vans signature rider for over a decade now. Given that the only other people who can make that claim are Geoff Rowley and AVE, Tony Trujillo is in good company. Some might say TNT is a burnout, pile, or any number of things that might indicate TNT’s time has come and gone. Well, with the release of Vans Propeller Tony proved to the doubters that his spot on Vans is well deserved. Tony Trujillo is still as gnarly as ever, bringing insane tricks to the hairiest of spots. Most people would be stoked to get a slash at some of these spots, and TNT attacks with a barrage of next-level tricks. Peep the Tony Trujillo Propeller RAW FILES here!

2015 Vans Pool Party | Legends Highlights

2015 vans pool party

The infamous Vans Pool Party went down last weekend and as expected, was filled with good times and rad skating. The legends division is always a pleasure to watch, there’s nothing quite like seeing the pioneers of skateboarding still on the board and killing it. Chris Miller, Cab, and Hosoi all put on a show as usual. This division is no joke, these guys rip and dudes many years younger would be lucky to have half their skill. Check out the highlights from the 2015 Vans Pool Party Legends division here!

New Balance Numeric “Sunland”

new balance numeric sunland

Join the New Balance Numeric team in a schoolyard session for the ages. NB# always comes correct with their videos, and the New Balance Numeric “Sunland” clip is no exception. With Russell Houghton behind the lens, you know your getting a high quality cinematic feature. Not to mention the Pj clip, any amount footage from him is pure gold. The rest of the New Balance Numeric team ain’t slouchin’ either, all the dudes get down on some classic LA schoolyard skating.

Polar “Manhattan Days” | Behind the Scenes

polar manhattan days

If you haven’t seen the Polar “Manhattan Days” video, you’re missing out. A Super 8mm short, released in October of 2014, “Manhattan Days” was definitely one of the coolest skate films of the year. Between the NYC scenery, the filming, skating, and music, the whole vibe of this video is nothing short of magical. Pontus Alv, Aaron Herrington, Jerome Campbell and the rest of the Polar/Cons crew give us a taste of what city skating is all about. Polar knows that it’s all about stoke and good times, but that doesn’t mean there is any shortage of amazing skateboarding. If you don’t want to grab your board and swerve through pedestrians and traffic with your buds after watching it, there may be no help left. Thanks to Jenkem Mag, we have some behind some scenes footage of the making of this 8mm masterpiece. Check it out here!