PASS-PORT Welcomes Nik Stipanovic

pass port welcomes nik stipanovic

If you’re looking for raw skateboarding, you’ve come to the right place. PASS-PORT welcomes Nik Stipanovic with a bang in this new clip featuring the rest of the PASS-PORT team. Hailing from Australia, PASS-PORT is a grass-roots brand dedicated solely to skateboarding.Be on the lookout for these guys, they’re on the come up and sure to be making moves.

Josh Borden Slash n Bash

Josh Borden Slash n Bash

Just before joining the pro ranks with Santa Cruz, Josh Borden went to town on a prime backyard pit for Thrasher Mag. Borden rips this thing with style, speed and a rad trick selection. He’s been flying under the radar for some time now, but that’s all about to end. Up close and personal, this clip is sure to get you stoked on skating and leave you hunting for a backyard pool of your own. Look out for more from this dude in the future, he’s sure to be ripping with that same laid back style we all wish we had.

The Notorious Cyril Killa

Notorious Cyril Killa

Cyril Jackson has been on a tear recently, and anyone that says differently has been sleeping under a rock. Raw power, speed and style will set you apart from the masses; and Cyril’s got all of that in spades. Hand picked by The Boss himself, it’s no question why CJ is pro for Baker. This part is five-minutes of pure hammers, guaranteed to have you hitting the rewind button over and over again. Watch out for the Notorious Cyril Killa!

Santa Cruz Down Under Statement

Santa Cruz Down Under Statement

One of the perks of getting paid to ride a skateboard is that (if you’re lucky) your sponsors will fly you pretty much anywhere in the name of the board. Well, the Santa Cruz crew got the privilege and took full advantage out in Australia. From parks to the streets to beachside kicker ramps, these guys do it all. Josh Borden, Justin Strubing, Emmanuel Guzman, Shuriken Shannon, Blake Johnson and Eric Dressen hit all the classic Aussie spots plus some you’ve never seen before. Santa Cruz Downunder Statement is no joke!

Indy F#ck the Rest Northwest Tour – Part 4

Indy F#ck the Rest Northwest

If you thought the first three parts of the Indy F#ck the Rest Northwest tour were gnarly, wait till you get a load of this. These dudes tackle some of the gnarliest terrain and make it look like an everyday walk in the park. Ben Raybourn, Willis Kimbel, Frank Shaw, Taylor Bingaman and more make it look easy and light the stoke all at once. Here it is, the final installment of the Indy F#ck the Rest Northwest Tour!