How To Build The Cheapest Complete Skateboard

October 26, 2013

Want to find the cheapest complete skateboard available at Skate Warehouse? And by cheapest complete we mean really inexpensive. Everything on the shelves here is high quality. If you skate or there’s a skateboarder in your life and you’re trying to get the best bang for your buck this holiday season, we’ve got you. Find the pics and links below.

Building The Cheapest Complete Skateboard

The Skate Warehouse Blank V-Natural Deck. The Skate Warehouse decks supply the quality you need in a skateboard deck.

Skate Warehouse Blank Deck

Skate Warehouse Mini Logo Trucks

Mini Logo Trucks. Skate One Mini Logo trucks are designed with a responsive geometry, allowing them to turn quickly with ultra high rebound bushings for smooth control. These trucks are designed with strong, premium materials. With a lightweight hanger, hollow baseplate and precision ground 8mm axles for better bearing support, these are quality rail bangers.

Mini Logo Precision Skate Bearings. Mini Logo Precision Skate Bearings are skate-rated, precision ground 608 bearings made to Skate One specifications. These bearings were designed for skating. They have a removable rubber non contact shield on one side, a removable non-contact metal shield on the other, a high speed molded ball retainer, precision ground and super-finished hardened chromium steel races and balls and Skate Warehouse Mini Logo Bearings come pre-lubricated with low viscosity Bones Speed Cream. Making them smooth, fast, easy to install and maintain. MiniLogo Bearings are twice the performance and half the price you would expect.

Skate Warehouse Mini Logo Phillips Hardware

Mini Logo Phillips Hardware 1″. You gotta have solid nuts and bolts. Mini Logo Phillips Hardware is simple in style, with 8 black bolts and 8 silver nuts.

Skate Warehouse Die Cut Griptape. High quality, low-cost: this is the best griptape bang for your buck, by far. Our grip has great grit feel and a die cut Skate Warehouse logo. 9" x 33" in size.

Skate Warehouse Die Cut Griptape

Mini Logo C-Cut Black 101a Wheels. The Mini Logo C-Cut Wheels are quality skateboard wheels, offering superior urethane for durability and high rebound for speed. Also available in white. Available in 50mm through 54mm, these are quality wheels at a great price.

Mini Logo C-Cut 101a Black Wheels

Mini Logo C-Cut 101a White Wheels

Start with the deck and put all of these components together using our online complete skateboard builder. These are already our most affordable components but we still knock off $30.93 with the Assembled Complete Discount. You might end up under budget, in which case you can substitute any part for an upgraded component to get exactly what you want. It’s always our goal to make you happy with what you pick up here at Skate Warehouse, hope we helped. Shop all our complete skateboards online today. Go skate!

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