Chocolate Beavis and Butthead Decks


We’re just about a week away from the drop of the Marc Johnson and Jerry Hsu Beavis and Butthead decks from Chocolate Skateboards and they’ll be sure to hit the SW shelves right around then.

Following the initial excitement surrounding Hsu’s announced addition to the Chocolate roster, we’ve seen his Chunk board and now these, the beginning of what’s sure to be a deep and meaningful relationship between Jerry and Chocolate and us. It’s nice to see these two (Marc and Jerry and Beavis and Butthead) together again. From that old Metallica t-shirt in the bottom of some dresser drawer to your old Maple skateboards at the bottom of a pile in your garage. It’s kind of sweet, are we right?

Chocolate Beavis and Butthead Decks


Watch for the Chocolate Beavis and Butthead Decks after Jan., 27th. Shop our entire Chocolate Skateboards selection online today.