Cliche x Diamond Supply Collab Decks


The new Cliche x Diamond Supply collab decks just surfaced here at Skate Warehouse and they sure are pretty! There’s a pro model for six different stunt miners on Cliche: Andrew Brophy, Joey Brezinski, Lucas Puig, Daniel Espinoza, Flo Mirtain and JB Gillet.

Cliche x Diamond Supply Collab

Each deck features a Diamond logo veneer insert on the nose, branded side logos, laser etched top logo and a color-matched top veneer graphic for classy color coordination. The pro model for each rider features a unique corresponding cut style. Check it out.

Cliche x Diamond Deck Andrew Brophy

Andrew Brophy “Heart Cut” 8.4×31.7

Cliche x Diamond Deck Joey Brezinski

Joey Brezinski “Oval Cut” 8.1×31.8

Cliche x Diamond Deck Lucas Puig

Lucas Puig “Trillion Cut” 8.3×31.7

Cliche Diamond Deck Daniel Espinoza

Daniel Espinoza “Round Cut” 8×31.7

Cliche Diamond Deck Flo Mirtain

Flo Mirtain “Pear Cut” 8.1×31.7

Cliche Diamond Deck JB Gillet

JB Gillet “Princess Cut” 7.9×31.4

Skate Warehouse is a veritable gold mine of good scores. Pick up one of these gems or browse our entire selection of Diamond Supply Co and Cliche Skateboards gear. Go skate!