Creature Limited Edition Decks | DAF & Medusa

January 16, 2014

Two new Creature limited edition decks just crawled out from the depths of lurk nation…

Creature Limited Edition Decks DAF Coozie Collab

The first is a savvy powermove collab with coozie game top dog, DAF. Daf made coozies are better, stronger, faster and more apt to get you ahead in life when you fill them with cans of your favorite beverage. When asked about the release, DAF Noah had this to say:

It’s simple. Daf made is HUGE right now, so why wouldn’t the biggest pop divas of today be jockin our shit?! Follow me…@dafmade, lookin’ for that instabump…

These boards are limited to 250 pieces and come with an exclusive DAF coozie. F#ck your coozie, lurk harder, buy DAF!

Creature Limited Edition Decks DAF Coozie Collab

#11113256 DAF DIVAS 8.47 x 32.125 – Limited to 250 Boards

Creature LTD Deck DAF Coozie Closeup

F#CK YOUR COOZIE! – Exclusive DAF Divas Coozie comes with deck.

Creature Limited Edition Decks – Medusa

Creature Limited 1997 Medusa Reissue Deck

The second LTD deck now available is a re-issue from deep within the murky archives of ’96-97.

The classic Creature Medusa by Nathan Carrico has been excavated from ancient 90’s history and brought back to life on their most popular 8.8 shape. Fiends from way back may still have a worn original draped in spiderwebs somewhere.

Now you can stare a new one in the face and lurk harder then ever with 1 of only 400 Creature LTD Medusa decks.

Creature Limited Edition Decks Medusa Reissue

#11113256 MEDUSA 8.8 x 32.5 – Limited to 400 Boards

Creature LTD Deck Medusa Reissue Closeup

Pick one up or lurk through more Creature relics at Skate Warehouse.

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