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May 14, 2014

This weeks Crispy New New comes via Xavier from California, he sure knows how to pick em. Riding on the all-new Royal Trucks, a rad board from Chocolate, 3D hardware plus some other choice components from Gold, Girl, Diamond and Black Magic, this setup is totally sick.

Crispy New New | 5.14.14 Customer Complete

CNN 5.14 MJ Beavis Deck

Deck: Chocolate Johnson Jer and MJ Deck 8.125 x 31.3
Trucks: Royal Standard 5.25 Raw/Black

Wheels: Gold Reed Goon Girl 51mm

Bearings: Girl Gold Precision

Hardware: 3D Film Bolts Allen 1”

Risers: Diamond Black 1/8”

Griptape: Black Magic Ablack 5

CNN 5.14 Chocolate Gold Royal 3D Hardware Beavic Complete

With the introduction of Jerry Hsu to Chocolate, it was only fitting there would be a Hsu-Johnson bro-lab. Enter the Jer and MJ series of decks. Beavis and Butthead is a true classic, and these boards certainly are in the same caliber of awesome.

CNN 5.14 Royal Gold

The new Royal Trucks are designed to turn better, grind smoother and last longer. Nothing to complain about there, these are quality trucks from quality people. Diamond risers do what a riser is supposed to do, and looks good doing it.

CNN 5.14 Gold 3D Hardware

The Gold Wheels Reed Goon Girl Wheels are hot on the heels of a string of awesome commercials; the Gold Goons series are finally here! Pick up these signature Reed wheels today and hit the streets.

The Girl Gold Precision Bearings are your premium bearings from The Girl Skateboard Company. You wanna go fast, these bearings will take you there. Not to mention the fancy gold shields. Bling bling bitch!

CNN 5.14 Black Magic Grip

New 3D hardware says cheese. The 3D Film Bolts are standard 1” allen bolts, but when it comes to hardware its all about the sweet packaging. Lookin like a roll of film, open it up to discover hardware nuts and bolts. Neato.

If it ain’t Black it’s wack. A new look for the OG Black Magic Grip, Black Magic Ablack5 Griptape does not: slather paint all over the grit, put holes in the grit, make graphic griptape, or offer plastic colored griptape. They take griptape seriously.

Buy a custom complete skateboard from Skate Warehouse, starting with a deck, and potentially get featured here on the Go Skate Blog. We love a good Crispy New New! What’s your current set up? List it in the comments below.

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