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May 7, 2014

This Crispy New New comes correct with some killer picks from Girl, Thunder and Spitfire. It’s all decked out with Bones Bearings, Grizzly Griptape and Diamond hardware making this crispy a sick setup.

Crispy New New | 5.7.14 Customer Complete

CNN 5:7 Brandon Biebel Girl Complete

Deck: Girl Brandon Biebel Sign Here 8.0 x 31.88
Trucks: Thunder Original 145 High
Wheels: Spitfire Formula Four Classic 99a Mint 52mm
Bearings: Bones Reds
Griptape: Grizzly MSA Stamp Print
Hardware: Diamond Hella Tight 7/8”

You can’t beat a nice simple deck from Girl. You get the classic logo on top of quality maple. Especially when it’s the Brandon Biebel Sign Here deck. Awesome.

CNN 5:7 Thunder Trucks

The Thunder Original High Trucks are a solid, durable truck. Solid axle and kingpin, standard cast baseplate. This model is adorned with a killer PBR spin-off graphic.

CNN 5:7 Spitfire Wheels

Spitfire Formula Four Classic 99a Mint Wheels are the newest wheel by Spitfire. Tested by Spitfire Team riders, Formula Four Performance Urethane lasted longer, withstood more abuse and performed superior to all other wheels. Spitfire Formula Four Urethane was developed to combine all the desired properties of a performance wheel without sacrificing any one attribute at the expense of another. Formula Four’s True lasting Performance Urethane comes not from a single benefit, but from a combination of qualities and features that together produce a truly great wheel, Formula Four Performance Urethane is unlike any other.

Bones Reds are dedicated to producing the highest quality skate bearings manufactured in China, inspecting them twice before shipping them to skaters. They offer the greatest combination of performance, durability and low cost in the industry, giving a near Bones Swiss performance at a fraction of the cost. Bones Reds are high performance precision ground bearings at an affordable price.

CNN 5:7 Grizzly Grip

The Grizzly MSA Stamp Print Griptape in Red is classic Grizzly Grip. It’s Ggrrrrr-izly. Diamond Hella Tight Hardware in 7/8” comes with 8 black screws, 8 silver nuts, 1 gold screw, 1 allen key and 1 wrench. Hella tight.

Buy a custom complete skateboard from Skate Warehouse, starting with a deck, and potentially get featured here on the Go Skate Blog. We love a good Crispy New New! What’s your current set up? List it in the comments below.

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