Crispy New New | Alixandir’s Complete Skateboard

March 26, 2014

Today’s Crispy New New belongs to Alixandir from Kentucky. He definitely chose a killer combo of gear, now he’s ready to go skate! You’re looking at a Sk8 Mafia deck, some Venture trucks, Bones wheels, Shake Junt bearings, Modus hardware and Diamond Griptape. Order a custom complete with Skate Warehouse and get featured on Go Skate Blog’s Crispy New New!

A Complete Skateboard From Alixandir

Customer Complete Skateboard Sk8 Mafia Deck

Deck: Sk8 Mafia Kremer Toe Up 8.25”

Trucks: Venture V-Light Low 5.2

Wheels: Bones STF Murawski Frankie V3 52mm

Bearings: Shake Junt Abec 7

Hardware: Modus Allen 7/8”

Griptape: Diamond Superior

The Sk8 Mafia Kremer Toe Up 8.25″ deck is constructed from 7-ply maple. In some cases, background colors on deck may vary. Decks come with your choice of any $3.99 priced griptape, including Skate Warehouse Die Cut, Jessup or Bullet.

Customer Complete Skateboard Venture Trucks

Your Venture V-Light Low 5.2 trucks are lightweight and durable. They offer smooth grinds, a good fit, good feel and they turn the way you want them to. A slimmer version of the forged baseplate, it alleviates stress from the rest of the truck and comes your way with reinforced steel kingpins and top quality bushings. More muscle, less pounds. Venture logo on baseplate and hanger.

Customer Complete Skateboard Bones Wheels Shake Junt Bearings

The Bones STF Murawski Frankie V3 52mm wheels are specifically formulated for what you skate. The Murawski’s are made with the Bones Street Tech Formula, giving you more slide-ability and way less flat spots. Made in the U.S.A. at the Bones factory in Santa Barbara, California, the Murawski’s are skater engineered and designed. Graphics at one side. Wheels sold in set of four.

Hardness: 83B
Formula: STF
Shape: V3
Color: White
Surface: Treaded
Marty Murawski pro wheel

Lip Radius: 0.187”
Bearing Placement: Center-set/reversible
Skating Style: Technical
Comments: Lightweight, reduced friction, easier slides, speed, preferred by pros

Crispy New New Customer Complete Skateboard Shake Junt BearingWe sell the shit out of Shake Junt bearings. The Abec 7 Shake Junt bearings are one step up from the Shake Junt Bearings ABEC 5. Shake Junt Bearings ABEC 7 are TRIPLE the gangster. Set of 8 green removable shields included. Shields sport an always tasteful dollar dollar bill sign and Shake Junt text. This one comes in gold flavor.

Your Modus 7/8” Allen hardware is team tested and approved. You get 10 bolts, 8 nuts, 2 blue coated spares for customizing your setup and 8 black bolts. Use customized bolts for quick reference between nose and tail! Nuts are silver. Allen key included.

Customer Complete Skateboard Modus HardwareCustomer Complete Skateboard Diamond Grip

The Diamond Superior griptape is a superior griptape. It’s your standard shape, 9×33, with Diamond Supply Co. graphic at one end.

Head over to Skate Warehouse today to build your own complete skateboard or pick from hundreds of pre-built completes. If you make good choices, your complete may just be the next Crispy New New

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