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July 16, 2014

In line with this week’s Series Spotlight, we picked this sick Baker Reynolds deck for this week’s Crispy. Riding on Independent Trucks, Spitfire Wheels and topped off with the ever-classic Shake Junt grip, hardware and bearings, this is one sick setup. Order a custom complete for your chance to be featured on Crispy New New!

Crispy New New | Justin from Texas

Baker Reynolds

Deck: Baker Reynolds Brand Logo Black/Red 8.475” x 31.875”
Trucks: Independent Stage 11 149 Gravity Cast Blackhart 8.5”
Wheels: Spitfire Riley Hawk Classics 51mm
Bearings: Shake Junt ABEC 7
Hardware: Shake Junt Phillips 7/8”
Griptape: Shake Junt Freaky Sprayed Yellow/Green Tie Dye

Baker for life! The color blocks, the bold letters, it’s unmistakable. This particular model belongs to The Boss himself, so you know you can’t go wrong. Standard 7-ply maple construction and a great shape. Try to beat it.

The Independent Stage 11 Gravity Cast Blackhart trucks are a new limited edition colorway from your friends over at Indy. Chromoly axle and kingpin, standard gravity cast baseplate and aircraft grade aluminum hanger.

Baker Reynolds

Spitfire Riley Hawk Classic wheels are your standard Spitfire classic formula with a little bird-boy flare. Ride the fire, survive the slide. One step up from the Shake Junt Bearings ABEC 5, Shake Junt Bearings ABEC 7 are TRIPLE the gangster. Set of 8 green removable shields. Bearings included. Shields sport an always tasteful dollar dollar bill sign and Shake Junt text. This one comes in gold flavor.

Baker Reynolds

The Shake Junt Phillips Hardware represents. What does it represent? Shake Junt, son! Skateboarding, money, smoke, booze, and women. Shake Junt Freaky Sprayed Yellow/Green Tie Dye Griptape is black with Yellow/Green Tie Dye spray paint style Shake Junt text.

Baker Reynolds

Buy a custom complete skateboard from Skate Warehouse, starting with a deck, and potentially get featured here on the Go Skate Blog. We love a good Crispy New New! What’s your current set up? List it in the comments below.

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