Crispy New New | Tyler’s Complete Skateboard

August 6, 2014

Tyler from Texas just hooked himself up with a sick new setup, his friends are going to have some serious board envy. You just can’t go wrong with a Girl board cruising on Venture Trucks and Bones Wheels, plus Bones bearings to keep ya rollin’ smooth and Girl x Mob grip to keep your feet on tight!

Crispy New New | Tyler from Texas

Girl Mariano Shark Attack Deck

Deck: Girl Mariano Shark Attack 8.0″ x 31.87″
Trucks: Venture x DGK Low 7.75″
Wheels: Bones Fellers Splat V2 53mm
Bearings: Bones Reds
Hardware: Shorty’s Phillips 1 1/8″
Risers: Bones 1/8″
Griptape: Girl Die-Cut by Mob

The Girl Mariano Shark Attack Deck is a prime example of classic crailtap humor. 7-ply maple construction, and the best shapes in the biz.

The trucks are a sick collab between Dirty Ghetto Kids and Venture. The Venture x DGK Low Trucks are lightweight, durable, grind smooth, fit well, feel good and turn the way you want them to. More muscle, less pounds.

Venture x DGK Trucks

Bones Fellers STF Wheels

The Bones STF Fellers Splat V2 Wheels are specifically formulated for what you skate. The Fellers’ are made with the Bones Street Tech Formula, giving you more slide-ability and way less flat spots. Made in the U.S. at the Bones factory in Santa Barbara, California, the Fellers’ are skater engineered and designed.

Bones Reds are our best selling bearing. Why? Great quality at a great price. Get with it.

The 1/8″ Bones Riser Pads do so much. A hard riser. Sold in set of 2. Helps prevent wheel bite, vibration, and board cracks.

Mob x Girl Griptape

Can’t go wrong with Shorty’s Philips Hardware. You get a set of 8. Black bolts and silver nuts. Shorty’s bolts have smaller heads for less stress on your board and less weight. The top half isn’t threaded to make sure they’re even stronger.

The same Mob Griptape we all know and love, but with out favorite skate company’s logo cut out. Prime time stuff right there.

Buy a custom complete skateboard from Skate Warehouse, starting with a deck, and potentially get featured here on the Go Skate Blog. We love a good Crispy New New! What’s your current set up? List it in the comments below.

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