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June 2, 2014

Daniel Espinoza Interview Cover

Stache master, kimono burglar, lice survivor, speed racer and 70’s futébol all-star Daniel Espinoza recently sat down with us for a list of questions. Find out where he got that amazing mustache, why he identifies with the wolf, how well he can speak French and more! You can check out the video version of this Daniel Espinoza interview on our YouTube channel. Not everything is in the video though, so if you’ve been a fan since nineteen-seventy-something, be sure to read the extended Daniel Espinoza interview below. Don’t catch lice. Go skate!

Daniel Espinoza Interview

by Roger Bagley & Skate Warehouse

What can you complain about right now at this very moment?

My mustache. I don’t like that I didn’t get to shave today. I forgot my toothbrush. My phone’s dying ’cause my dumbass left my charger at home. My socks are dirty, or were dirty. My nose itches. I forgot to clean my ears. I hate Roger.

In the world of futébol, you are known as a dude with the greatest mustache in the world?

My mustache? It is the greatest mustache in the world. I’ve won numerous mustache competitions. I’ve been featured on covers of magazines. Mustache Weekly. I don’t know, there is a lot of things about my mustache.

At what age did that mustache fully develop?

It developed about 36 seconds ago (laughs).

How long did it take you to grow that mustache?

Well, when I was a baby, I was a very hairy baby for some reason. And you could just see it right when I popped out of the womb. It just kinda like, fuckin, you know five o’clock shadow? It was my five o’clock mustache. Around 8, that’s when it really started shining. But I was bummed about it, you know, cause I thought I was weird. And then I just embraced it and thought it was awesome. Girls love it.

What’s up with the Cliché Hair Cup Series?

Well, about 10 years ago, Mark McKee called me up and he was just like, I’ve been staring at that mustache for years. And he wanted to make a board series but he felt bad cause he wanted to do one with Joey as well. So he ended up hitting up Al (Boglio) to get this thing started. And now it’s a full series… and that’s why I’m like this.

So who are your current sponsors?

My current sponsors are Cliché Skateboards, Lakai Footwear, Andalé Bearings, Diamond Supply Co, Royal Trucks, Autobahn Wheels, Quiet Life Clothing, Grizzly Grip, Active… and I think that’s it. I think that’s everything.

What’s your ideal setup? What deck do you skate?

My setup would be… Just the deck, I skate a 7.625″. It’s a flat, very flat board. It’s just the normal one, the Resin-7’s I like.

What trucks do you skate? Loose or tight?

My trucks, I skate lows. I’m switching up right now for the tight and loose. I’m trying to get them a little bit looser ‘cause before I’d tick-tack everywhere. I want to turn now.

You don’t want them like Daewon loose though do you?

Fuck no. It sounds like he has change in his pocket when he’s skating by.

So you ride Autobahn Wheels – what size?

Right now I’m skating my model in a… 51mm, I think.

And for bearings?

Tsh, Andalé Swiss all day, son!

Good choice. Hardware?

Diamond 7/8″ Allen

Risers or no Risers?

Fuck risers.

I don’t think anybody uses risers.

No. If you’re a filmer though, you need them (laughs).

Griptape? Do you customize it?

Grizzly Griptape. No, I just skate the one with the little bear on it.

What projects are you currently filming for? What’s next?

The projects I’m filming for are Gypsy Life and a Lakai Video. They should be coming out in like a year or something.

If you could skate any spot right now, anywhere in the world. Where would it be and with who?

Any spot? That’s hard. I don’t know. Any I spot I could skate right now or could I pick a city? Or a country? Honestly, I really wouldn’t know where I’d pick. Maybe some like, crazy ledge spot in fuckin’ China with the Cliché dudes or something.

If you could just be anywhere else in the world right now, where and with who?

Um, I’d go to Japan. Japan or, I don’t know, I’ve been wanting to see Australia.

Speaking of Japan, you spent some time there? How’d you end up there?

Lakai trip, that’s how I ended up there. Spent almost 2 months there. It was awesome. Loved it. Wanna go back.

I heard you got a lot of girls while you were there?

Eh… (smiles) so, so.

When you’re not skateboarding, what’s the fun agenda? What do you do?

Psh! When I don’t skateboard I go play soccer, my real sport. This is what I get paid to do. Skateboarding is just for fun. I don’t give a shit about this (laughs). This is the true me (strokes mustache).

Who do you think are the most underrated skateboarders right now? Who should we look out for?

Underrated? There’s a lot of underrated skateboarders. I can’t even think of one right now. That’s how underrated they are.

Who’s overrated?

An overrated skater? I think a lot of skaters deserve anything. People can’t really be overrated. Plus I don’t want to throw anybody under the bus.

If you could cherry pick any non-skateboarding sponsor, who would it be?

Mitsubishi. All day. Or Subaru, actually. I would take Subaru, maybe. Or Nissan, to get a Skyline. Hm… Nissan, take Nissan.

Joey on Audi, you on Nissan.

Fuck Audi, that shit’s gay. Yeah.

Do you still get nervous skating in front of a large crowd? Do you have any tricks for getting over it?

I’m always nervous when skating in front of a large crowd. Um, I smoke cigarettes to calm down. Or I just do something stupid. Try to like, do Willy grinds or something so people stop paying attention to me (laughs).

If you had to choose, what would be your last meal?

Like, I was gonna die afterwards?

You’re gonna die, you can only eat one more thing. What would it be?

I would just get fuckin’ hammered (laughs). It’s like, why would I wanna die sober?

What would your spirit animal be?

My spirit animal? I forgot, when I used to watch like, what’s it called, Power Rangers? There was one of them but I can’t remember which one it was. Spirit animal. I would say a wolf. Wolf would be dope.

You identify with the wolf?

Psshh. Do you see this mustache? I just always have that mad look you know? Wolves look mean. They fuck you up.

Have you ever seen a wolf with a mustache?


Who was your favorite Power Ranger?

The green one. Er, the white one. Tommy. I just remember his name was Tommy. I think it was green, right? But it was like, he turned into a bad guy? But I haven’t watched Power Rangers in like 10… wait how old am I? Like 12 years.

Do you have a good UFO or Sasquatch story?

No. I’m not Joey (laughs).

Do you have any advice for young skateboarders trying to get sponsored?

Don’t wear one of these fucking mustaches ‘cause they itch.

Do you have a favorite quote or some words of wisdom for living a good life in general?

Dude, I feel like I’ve been scratching my face the entire time. Um… “Be somewhere you’re celebrated, not somewhere you’re just tolerated.” I think that’s how it goes.

How long have you been on Cliché and how long have you been pro for them?

I’ve been pro since last February, I think, and I’ve been on Cliché since I was… fuck…. Al, when did I get on Cliché? Was I 18?

RB: When you realized Chocolate didn’t want you.

Yeah, around that time (laughs). I don’t think I had my car. Four years ago? Oh yeah, I got my car after I got on Cliché so yeah, it’d be four years.

Have you learned to speak French yet?

Oui, oui? No. (laughs)

How often do you get to go skate with Joey Brezinski?

Whenever he answers my calls. Nah, a lot, maybe like three times a week or something. Depends on how much I want to actually get out there.

Where was the last place that you skated?

I can’t remember, I think I probably skated Fontana park or something.

What’s your approach for getting clips for the Cliché video?

What’s my approach? Just get whatever I can.

Do you have any unfinished business? Anything you’re going back to?

I don’t like having unfinished business. If I don’t like, do a trick that day, I never wanna go back. I like, hate that spot for the rest of eternity.

Is there anything on your list, anywhere you’re trying to go for the video?

I would like to go to China. Yeah I don’t really know. I would like to go anywhere honestly, just to get the fuck out of L.A.

How are things with Quiet Life? Do you have any projects in the works?

With Quiet Life, not really, I mean, I’m technically the only rider for Quiet Life so it’s not like we’re gonna go and do a team trip or anything, you know? But they have like, Quiet Life barbecues and do little things at skateparks. I think they’re gonna start that up this summer as well. So, that could be fun.

Did you have fun Flaring in Florida with the Lakai Crew?

It was aright, yeah.

What’s it like skating with those dudes?

Um, it’s alright (laughs). I mean, I love skating with Vincent. Just watching Vincent is amazing.

How was 2014 Tampa Pro weekend? You had fun?

I don’t remember like, most of it. So… it was actually, Tampa Pro weekend was really fun. I did drink a lot but I also skated a lot. I got to see a bunch of people that I haven’t seen in years so it was great, I loved it. Can’t wait to go next year but I highly doubt I’m actually gonna skate (laughs).

Any highlights? Any stories from it?

We got maced, actually. That was pretty cool. Some guy tried to like throw a trashcan onto Youness Amrani and he missed and it fuckin’ almost hit Kevin Romar. Kevin went like… I’ve never seen Kevin like, “go black”. Cause he’s always the nicest dude, you know? But he just flipped out and got all ghetto and shit, like all Long Beach. I just looked over and I was like “What the fuck” so I kinda walked over just curious on what’s going on. Cops came. They were shooting beanbags, and spraying mace and shit. It was pretty gnarly. But, I mean, it only lasted about two minutes.

So, you’re a car enthusiast, what’s currently parked in your garage?

Uh, I wish I had a garage. It’s parked right next to my garage (laughs) but my Evo’s in the garage, or by the garage.

Do you race a lot?

I’ve taken it to the track a few times. I wanna take it more but I need to get a daily. Or another Evo. Or two more Evo’s…

Have you received more tickets for speeding or skateboarding?

For skateboarding. I’ve only had one ticket in my car for speeding ’cause I’m very scared of getting pulled over for like, racing or something so I don’t usually do it unless someone pisses me off. But I’ve gotten tickets for like, exhaust tickets and tint tickets and whatever, just little dumb things that you don’t need.

Do you own a home? Do you live with your parents? What’s your living situation?

Well, I live with my Dad at the moment. I wanna try to get out, move maybe. I want to try to buy a house but we’ll see. With me spending all my money on car parts it’s very hard to save.

You’re a coffee enthusiast. Are you a coffee snob?

Well, it’s funny ’cause I don’t really drink coffee anymore. I only drink cappuccinos but I mean I guess that’s kinda like coffee right?

That’s coffee.

Yeah, well, I mean I’m not a snob about it but I know what’s good and what sucks, you know?

Are you scared of the ocean?

No, I go swimming all the time I just, I freak out. Like, say if the water kinda lifts me up and I can’t touch the ground I start freaking out. Or just start thinking there’s like, sharks and fuckin’ gnarly whales and shit like gonna kill me… plus I’m like, I’m weak dude. I get tired fast. So if I got sucked out I’d be done. I would just like, fuck it, float to the bottom.

I was told to ask you about getting lice. Are there any horrible stories to go with that?

Oh god, really? Me, getting lice. Yeah, that shit suuuucks. Came back from a trip, my head was itching, I was like ahh I haven’t washed my hair in like six months, I should go wash it. Oh first, I was like I’m gonna brush it, because sometimes if it got really tangled it would just kind of hurt and itch a little bit so I’d kind of break out the tangles with a brush. When I’d brush my hair all the little picks were like dirt black and I was like oh fuck I should probably wash my hair. Washed my hair, was going through it, found a bug and I was like, naahhh that’s just whatever, whatever. Kept going, found another bug, I was like eeewww… whatever (laughs). So I went to SuperCuts to try to cut my hair and I was like, yeah I think I might have lice though. She was like, well I could check but I can’t do anything about it. I was like, ok. So she checked and stepped back and she’s like You Have Lice. I’m like fuck. Went to my friends house, he’s a black dude, he’s just like, “we can’t get lice, our hair’s too fuckin’ oily,” or some shit. So he actually shaved my head for me. And it sucked. I felt like a naked mole rat…

Did that just get rid of it?

Yeah kind of, but I mean it was still in my bed and my sheets and stuff so I had to throw all that away. Ever since then I’ve never bought a bed.

Where do you sleep?

On the floor. I’m Japanese. (laughs)

Where do you think you got the lice?

I think I got it from traveling because I went to France and then right when I got back, a week later, I went back and then you know, came home and I figured it out. But it was probably from traveling. I’ve heard of people getting lice on airplanes and stuff so, could be that. Honestly I don’t know ‘cause I guess it was in there for weeks. It didn’t just start, it was like, there.

They had a whole city build.

They had skyscrapers and shit, they were killing it.

Anything to add before we go?

Nah. Cliché Hair Cup Series available now at SkateWarehouse.com!

Thanks Daniel.

Yeah. Dude, I wanna take this thing off so bad.

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