Deathwish’s Free Antwuan Dixon Deck

June 10, 2014

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Sometimes life throws you some rough punches. Sometimes you end up in jail. Well this unfortunately happened to the great Antwuan Dixon. On the positive side, when tough times happen the people who care about you step in. In this situation Deathwish stepped up and made this limited Free Antwuan Deathwish deck.

The profits from these decks go to Antwuan, helping him get on his feet once he’s released. They also come with a letter written by Erik Ellington talking on Antwuan’s behalf. All decks arrive with an envelope with an address imprinted upon it, so each and every one of you can write Antwuan while he’s locked up to help him pass the time and lift his spirits. It’s an amazing thing to see how the skateboard community works, we might not know Antwuan personally but all of us as skateboarders connect on some kind of level. So do your part and buy the deck, write him a letter and GO SKATE!

Free Antwuan Dixon Deathwish Deck

Deathwish Antwuan Dixon Deck_

Deathwish Antwuan Dixon Deck_-2

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