DGK Blood Money – Full Video


DGK Blood Money Banner

DGK once again earns their reputation for progression and classic moves with a twist. Presented by Thrasher, the new DGK Blood Money video is a heavy hitter!

Marquise is a board control wizard with one of the great modern styles. Boo Johnson you’ll just have to see to believe. All the rest of the Dirty Ghetto Kids are represented, including Shmatty Chaffin, Lenny Rivas, Marcus McBride, Woogie, Wade Desarmo, Rodrigo TX, Stevie Williams, Scumbag, Jack Curtain, Josh Kalis, Derrick Wilson, Keelan Dadd, Dwayne Fagundes and Dane Vaughn.

Thrasher x DGK Blood Money Video

With a sound track featuring the likes of Jay-Z, Rick Ross, A$AP Rocky, Yelawolf, Action Bronson and more, you’ll walk away from Blood Money feeling G’d up from the feet up and hyped to go skate.

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