DGK Homage Series – Decks & Tees

January 18, 2014

DGK just released a series of decks and tees that pay homage to some classic skate graphics of the 1980’s. This new DGK Homage Series borrows from the likes of Jim Phillips, John Lucero, Sean Cliver and Scott Obradovich. DGK Homage Series DecksThe stylings of these legends have been recycled into pro board graphics for Stevie Williams, Lenny Rivas, Keelan Dadd, Marcus McBride and Josh Kalis.

For many of you older dogs, the original versions may have been under your feet for years. These new decks may stoke or bum you out but it’s a longstanding tradition in skateboarding that we completely (often cannibalistically) rip off popular logos and imagery. It’s part of what keeps skateboarding real and rugged. Sometimes we just don’t give a fuck about your property. So, like it or not, stoked or revoked, lover or hater, here you go – another dirty ghetto hustle for the kids.

DGK Homage Series – Williams Ragdoll

The DGK Ragdoll T-shirt and Williams Homage Deck are mock ups of the classic Powell Barbee Ragdoll. The original was Ray Barbee’s first pro model and the first-ever graphic Sean Cliver did at Powell-Peralta after taking over for legendary artist Vernon Courtland Jonhson. First issued in 1989, we carried an official Powell re-issue for a while but that shit is long gone. Now it’s DGK or eBay all day.

DGK Williams Barbee Ragdoll Homage Deck

DGK Williams Barbee Ragdoll Homage Tee

DGK Homage Series – Rivas Tagger

H-Street Hensley Vista Deck 1989The DGK Tagger T-shirt and Rivas Homage Deck are vandalizations of Scott Obradovich’s work from Matt Hensley’s first pro board, the H-Street Vista, released in 1989. About the original, Hensley says:

This is my first board but not my first graphic though… For me, growing up in Vista, it had a really vibrant street skating scene. I figured out you know what, I always wore chain wallets and it might sound cheese-ball but I wanted that street sign, something that represented street, this is what I do. So Obradovich came up with that and it was perfect.”

Redrawing this graphic as a tagger flips a great metaphor. Clever homage, homies.

DGK Rivas Tagger Homage DeckDGK Rivas Tagger Homage Tee Black

DGK Homage Series – Dadd Goblin

The DGK Goblin T-shirt and Dadd Homage Deck take inspiration from the Schmitt Stix OG Bars graphic. This was one of John Lucero’s first pro boards, released somewhere in 1985, and the art has seen newer renditions by Girl Skateboards and Hook-Ups, among others. John Lucero is a legend, owns Black Label Skateboards and has designed their graphics and his own for nearly 30 years. Never bought, never sold… occasionally borrowed from.

John Lucero Schmitt Stix OG Bars Deck

DGK Dadd Goblin Homage Deck

DGK Dadd Goblin Homage Tee

DGK Homage Series – McBride Smoke

Santa Cruz Original Jessee Sun God DeckThe DGK Smoke T-shirt and McBride Homage Deck are renditions of the unmistakably classic Jason Jessee Sun God graphic by Jim Phillips.

The original is one of Phillips’ most iconic images and can still be found as a re-issue model from Santa Cruz Skateboards. In this DGK version, McBride goes bong genie steez and appears in a cloud of purple smoke instead.

DGK McBride Smoke Homage DeckDGK McBride Smoke Homage Tee

DGK Homage Series – Kalis Dog

Santa Monica Airlines Kaupas Black Panther DeckDGK Homage Dog Tee and Kalis Homage Deck take another iconic Jim Phillips piece and flip it for Josh Kalis. Where there’s an aggressive pit bull here, the original featured and equally disconcerting kitty cat. The deck was a Santa Monica Airlines Natas Kaupas “Black Panther” board from 1987-1988. This one too can now be found as a re-issue by Santa Cruz.

DGK Kalis Dog Homage DeckDGK Kalis Dog Homage Tee

Check out the DGK Homage Series and the rest of our huge DGK selection now available at Skate Warehouse.

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