Do You Lurk Hard Enough?

December 12, 2014

Fuck everything. Whoa! Now before you get all defensive, hear me out. Skateboarding is about freedom. It’s about the feeling of independence and creativity that is born from self sufficiency and determination. It’s about carving your own path, doing things your own way. Skateboarding revolves around being yourself and being amped on your accomplishments while continually one-upping yesterday’s you. It’s about letting go of everything else to focus your intention into single moments of pure stoke—over and over again. One trick at a time. One high five at a time. If other people get stoked too, hell yeah we share the love. If they don’t, it’s of no consequence. Cool is not a factor. You felt it, you did it, you dig it. That’s all that matters. That’s freedom. Let go of the rest. Fuck everything. Lurk Hard until you land that shit, fool!

Do You Lurk Hard Enough?

Okay, rant’s over. Lurk Hard is now available at Skate Warehouse! This brand is new to our shelves but was actually founded in 2008 by a fellow named Geno Failla. Hailing from the greater Sacramento area—home of such hard lurkers as John Cardiel, Matt Rodriguez, Brandon Biebel, Omar Salazar, Stephan Janoski and others—Lurk Hard actually had kind of a soft beginning. It was started as a school project for Failla’s ex-girlfriend—a fashion brand for her design class that quickly took on a life of it’s own. A few stickers and t-shirts quickly became a full line of soft goods and the Lurk Hard website. Failla put together a team of Sacramento area rippers and started filming with the talented Jack Mansfield. They’ve since released two full vids (19 Years Young & Summer Boys), piles of online clips and several rad collaborative projects. They’re carried in skate shops around the world and continue to lurk harder every day.

Lurk Hard offers an innovative style solution for your everyday lurker by offering affordable, quality clothing product that skateboarders can connect with to compliment and enhance the lurker lifestyle.

– Lurk Hard

The Goods

Lurk Hard

Lurk Hard-4

Lurk Hard-3

Lurk Hard-2

The Lurk Hard team consists of Chuck Donnatin, Maso, Clyde Moore, Richard Hughes, Pedro Acevedo, Tristen Moss, Andrew Dellas and a flow program roster. They fell off before they got on; creepin’ up on fame. Fuck everything. Lurk Hard!

These are soft goods for hard bodies so get it and fit it into your lurking lifestyle. Once you’re sufficiently lurked up, subscribe to the Go Skate Blog for more ranting, raving, new stuff and everything Skate Warehouse. Go skate!

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Dylan got on board with Skate Warehouse all the way back in 2003. He's worked in every department (even managed a few) and put 12+ years of blood, sweat and tears into making the mighty SW what it is today. Last time we checked, he was nerding out on developing the new Skate Warehouse Blog you're reading now. If you see him, he's always got stickers, hit him up! #GOSKATE