Emerica Reynolds Low Vulc Shoes

June 5, 2014

Emerica Reynolds Low

Skateboarding is a rare, highly sought after kind of activity. It’s very cut and dry. But still very elusive. If you skate then you get it. If you don’t then a lot of it just seems like ancient hieroglyphics. It’s hard to explain to someone who is somewhat of an outsider. They all ask the same question: “Who’s like the best skateboarder?” We’re all well aware that this is probably one of the dumbest questions you can ask. Best skateboarder? Psh, it’s not like that bro, it’s art, it’s style, everyone’s different. It’s like asking what’s the best color. Still, even though this is a question that should never be asked, much less answered, in the back of our heads there is one name that over and over again comes to mind. A guy who’s just a few steps ahead of everyone else and has been for years. Andrew Reynolds.

Emerica has just released the all new Emerica Reynolds Low Vulc Shoes. It comes as no surprise that they look slick. Kind of like a cross between the Reynolds 3 and the cruisers. Maybe throw a little bit of the old Herman shape in there as well. These shoes are solid. They bring all the same attributes as the original Reynolds Lows just vulcanized, which is something we can all cheer for. They also seem a little slimmer as well, which I always find as a plus. Reynolds shoe models are always top shelf, ask anyone. This new vulc model will be sure to sit on that shelf with the rest of them. Pick up your pair today from Skate Warehouse.

Emerica Reynolds Low Vulc Shoes

Emerica Reynolds Low-4

Emerica Reynolds Low-3

Emerica Reynolds Low-2

Emerica Reynolds Low-6

Emerica Reynolds Low-7

Emerica Reynolds Low-5

The new Reynolds Low Vulc features support, cushion, grip and a durable, breathable upper. An internal bootie keeps feet securely in place while the grip offers high abrasion resistant heel and toe drag pods. Breathable tongue and medial construction plus double stitched high wear areas are just some of the perks of this pick.

Stay here for peeks at all sorts of New Stuff or head over to Skate Warehouse for more from Emerica, Andrew Reynolds, all your fav pro gear and all your fav brands.

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