Emerica x Bro Style Romero Laced Collab Shoes

June 10, 2014

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Bro Style and Emerica decided to come together and make a wonderful Romero Laced Bro Style collab! If you were wondering how the Romero Laced could get any better, well now you know. The Romero Laced has been a big success, simply because they’re amazing.

The Emerica x Bro Style Romero Laced comes in canvas, but we have been informed that the canvas is supposed to be just as durable as the suede. Emerica provided some rubber protection under the canvas to make them more durable. You’re looking at cool collab logos on the tongue and an allover print on the inside. Overall these are great pair of shoes and this collab makes them even better. Don’t “Bro it” and pick up a pair of these before they fly off the shelf.

Emerica x Bro Style Romero Laced

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Designed, tested and 100% skateboarding approved by Emerica pro Leo Romero. These Emerica Romero Laced Shoes are an updated version of the Emerica classic Laced.

Bro Style x Romero Laced-9

Features include a low profile cupsole for increased board feel, Emerica Triangle Tread pattern with high-density rubber heel drag pod for maximum grip and durability and a tongue stabilizing wing for a snug fit if you decide to grind up a rail. Boo-yeah!

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