Etcetera Hi Pro Lizard King Insoles

November 1, 2013

Etcetera insoles are high-tech, high-quality, low-impact skate gear. They’re like a quarter-inch of the matrix slid under your feet. Without a doubt, cushioning your foot bones creates longer skate sessions. At only about $20, a pair of Etcetera Impact Insoles are one of the best investments you can make. We’ve featured the Hi Pro Lizard King Insoles for a closer look at Etc’s technology.

Etcetera Hi Pro Lizard King Impact Insoles

Etcetera’s Footbed Impact Technology brings several key innovations to the table. The polyurethane base of the footbed is set to an ideal density, providing the best possible combination of impact protection and comfort. There are two Impact Support Gel inserts, one beneath the forefoot, one beneath the heel. The forefoot insert is equipped with grooves in the key flex area that allow for great board feel and movement. The heel insert is specifically designed to absorb heel impact and prevent bruising.

Etcetera Hi Pro Lizard King Insoles

Between the two inserts is the Etcetera signature Primo Pad. This is a flexible, high density TPU pad in the middle of your foot to prevent that terrible feeling of a primo bruise in the soft of your foot. Definitely a necessity for skateboarding.

The trim lines in the front of the footbed allow you to simply compare you current insole or shoe to the sizing scale and trim it down to fit you perfectly. This genius design allows one style of high performance insole to fit sizes 7.5 through 13. The footbed includes a well designed arch support to accommodate various heights. Also, a breathable, moisture-wicking, anti-microbial mesh lining keeps your feet flesh fresh the whole sesh.

Etcetera Hi Pro Lizard King Insoles

Etcetera Hi Pro Lizard King Insoles

Etcetera Hi Pro Lizard King Insoles

Etcetera Primo Insoles Technology

Etcetera Hi Pro Lizard King Impact Insoles In Mouth

If the wild purple and green of the Lizard King Insoles is too much for your taste, you can get the same Hi Pro design in a white/grey with the Ronnie Creager Impact Insoles or stick with the basics of the original design. If you don’t chuck yourself down stairs and big gaps often, you may want to consider the Lo Pro design. They’re about an 3/16″ thinner and there’s a Lo Pro Marc Johnson Insole available in black/grey.

Etcetera makes more then just insoles, too. Founded in 2010 by Ronnie Creager, the Etcetera Project is committed to creating innovative products that make certain aspects of skateboarding more comfortable, convenient, fun and affordable. They offer the Wall Ride Board Mount for easy vertical board storage, available in black, gold, silver or white. There’s a Lace Belt with an innovative locking clip to cinch tight. They even improved on the classic ankle brace design with their patented Figure Six Ankle Stabilizer. These guys don’t make accessories, they make necessities for skateboarding.

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