Evan Hecox – Chocolate Vagabond Deck Series

October 16, 2013

It’s always cool when you have reason to write a blog post about Evan Hecox. Hecox is a well-known artist who, aside from his own personal artwork has done a lot of collaborations with Chocolate Skateboards. Chocolate x Evan Hecox Vagabond Decks Full Series 2 There have been so many Evan Hecox Chocolate Skateboards series it’s hard to keep track, from the City Streets Series to the Jet Fighters Series to the Altered Portrait Series. There’s too many to list. Not to mention other collabs he’s done with them such as the Chocolate x Hecox Station Jacket.

Bikes, boats, cars, buildings, his work is intricate and detailed and often depicts city neighborhoods or buildings. Hecox’s website bio has this to say about the man behind the art:

Evan Hecox is a Colorado-based artist whose work captures the essence of urban environments through a unique process that involves careful, first-hand observations of his surroundings and then progresses into drawings and paintings that are striking in their graphic simplicity. evan hecox mexico His work recognizes and evokes the transitory nature of cities and of the lives that exist within them. By visually embracing all aspects of these environments he uses the decay and detritus of modern cities as key visual elements in his work, thereby challenging traditional preconceptions of beauty. Like mental snapshots distorted by the haze of memory they both record a place and time as it actually was and re-write fact by removing certain elements while emphasizing and distorting others. In this way his work has the effect of placing the viewer in a certain time and place while also imposing his own experience within. His cross-disciplinary interest in photography, fine art and design infuses his work with an unusual but dynamic mix, ranging from near photo realism to simplified abstraction. He has exhibited his work widely in the United States as well as exhibitions in Paris, Sydney and Tokyo and others.”

Skate Warehouse is currently carrying the most recent collaboration between Hecox and Chocolate, the Vagabond Series. This series consists of different vans, such as a Winnebago and an Unimog. Be sure to check out those items as well as our entire Chocolate collection.

Evan Hecox – Chocolate Vagabond Deck Series:

Chocolate x Evan Hecox Vagabond Decks Full Series 1

Chocolate x Evan Hecox Vagabond Decks 3

Chocolate x Evan Hecox Vagabond Decks 2

Chocolate x Evan Hecox Vagabond Decks 1

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