Freedumb Airlines Crash Lands at Skate Warehouse

December 17, 2013

Freedumb Airlines Eagle LogoMaybe you remember Freedumb Airlines from a ways back. Maybe not. Bottom line is it’s here, so it doesn’t matter what you remember! From the always exciting and interesting mind of Dan Drehobl, this is a brand with its very own course of action.

If anything screams team spirit it’s this brand and the folks along for the ride who couldn’t agree more include none other than Jeff Grosso, Maru, Marisa Dal Santo, Andrew ‘Cuzza’ Currie, Kevin Kowalski, Preston Harper, Brandon Perelson, Rob Welsh, Bobby Worrest and Dan Drehobl. Come fly with them!

On top of all that here’s what Dan has to say about it:

my name is dan drehobl and i have been skateboarding since 1986. once i found skateboarding it took over and became the driving force in my life. i have also been drawing stupid pictures as far back as i can remember. after graduating high school and moving from maine to california, i attended art school for a year before dropping out when i was given the opportunity to turn pro in 1993. freedumb airlines is a brand that i originally ran as freedumb clothing from the mid 1990’s through 2002 when i decided to take a sabbatical. after years of repeated requests for asshead and pisscat shirts, i relaunched the company in 2013 as freedumb airlines. i currently run it out of my garage. with the exception of occasional guest artists, all of the artwork, layouts, design, etc. are of my own idiotic creation. the day to day operations of the company are handled by my wife maggie and myself. our mission is to put out durable, affordable quality clothing for skateboarders, emphasizing comfort and function. if you decide to place an order with us we will handle it in a timely and professional manner, all shipping will be processed within a few days.

thank you for choosing to fly with freedumb airlines!”

-dan drehobl

Freedumb Airlines at Skate Warehouse

Freedumb Airlines Hats Cropped

Freedumb Airlines Beanies Cropped

Freedumb Airlines Cat

Freedumb Airlines Bunny

Freedumb Airlines Asshead

Freedumb Airlines Hoodie

Freedumb Airlines Labels

Check out the full collection of Freedumb Airlines at Skate Warehouse and buckle up!

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