Girl Open House And Agenda Long Beach

July 15, 2014

SW Agenda Girl

Last week was a good one for Skate Warehouse. We were lucky enough to be a part of two great events, the Girl Skateboards Open House and Agenda Long Beach. We left work early, headed south in the company Sprinter and let the festivities begin.

At Girl’s Open House there were games, goodies and great folks to talk to. We saw Justin Eldridge get dunked, a ton of local kids skate and a brand new Lakai line. Agenda Long Beach is one we’ve been to before, and they just keep getting better. All the brands, all the pros and all the running around we can handle plus a Swanski art show and an appearance by Rick Ross. All to keep getting that new product, great giveaways and more lined up for you guys at the shop.

Get a look at our trip pics below and be sure to shop Girl products as well as everything and anything skateboarding over at Skate Warehouse. Go skate!

Girl Skateboards Open House

SW Girl Open House 1

First stop Girl’s Open House in Torrance, CA.

SW Girl Open House 2

Had to check out the animals at Koston’s Super Cock Zoo.

SW Girl Open House 3

SW Girl Open House 5

SW Girl Open House 6

Caught a glimpse of Malto.

SW Girl Open House 8

And other shop riders shredding for the contest.

SW Girl Open House 10

Got some camera love from Daniel Espinoza and Chris Roberts.

SW Girl Open House 9

SW Girl Open House 12

SW Girl Open House 13

There were many a games to be played!

SW Girl Open House 14

Dunk-A Pro was by far the best one.

SW Girl Open House 17

Justin Eldridge was a real good sport about it.

SW Girl Open House 18

Rick Howard turned out to be undunkable.

SW Girl Open House 19

Had a blast!

Girl’s Skateboard’s Open House 2014 Video Recap

After a short hiatus Girl’s Open House is back. We got to be a part of food, games, petting zoo (of course), celebrity judges and kids that rip! Watch the video recap filmed by Rye Beres and Aaron Meza.

Agenda Long Beach

SW Agenda

Next stop was Agenda for two days. We saw the best brands, a ton of friends, met the pros and hung around all the beautiful people!

SW Agenda Long Beach 6

Agenda Berrics is where the magic happens.

SW Agenda Long Beach 7

Stopped by Black Label and got to say hey to legend John Lucero.

SW Agenda Long Beach 28

Bumped into Neen Williams and Gary Rogers.

SW Agenda Long Beach 32

Erik Ellington reps a great pic with Greco.

SW Agenda Long Beach 33

SW Agenda Long Beach 31

Antwuan Dixon was there in spirit.

SW Agenda Long Beach 16

Love us some Loser Machine.

SW Agenda Long Beach 25

And Adrian Lopez stops for a quick snap.

SW Agenda Long Beach 13

Skidmarks Mag stinks up the place with their booth’s golden throne.

SW Agenda Long Beach 4

SW Agenda Long Beach 9

SW Agenda Long Beach 24

Always good stuff from HUF and Dwindle.

SW Agenda Long Beach 34

SW Agenda Long Beach 10

SW Agenda 12

SW Agenda 5

SW Agenda 11

All the brands set up shop, with so many more we couldn’t even make it to.

SW Agenda Long Beach 1

Said hello to our boy Steve Hernandez from Baker Boys.

SW Agenda Long Beach 26

Mike York ghost rides the whip.

SW Agenda Long Beach 27

Eddie “El Gato” Elguera and Christian Hosoi.

SW Agenda Long Beach 29

SW Agenda Long Beach 30

SW Agenda Long Beach 35

Donny Barley, Danny Way and Jake Duncombe were all there and hanging out.

SW Agenda Long Beach 36

Per Wilinder hangs with a sleepy Jeremy Klein.

SW Agenda  38

Ricky Flip and Mike Manidas mug for the camera.

SW Agenda 37

Jared Hager, Levi Brown, Todd Larson, Dylan Christopher and Mike Kershnar of Elemental Awareness light a fire.

SW Agenda Long Beach 20

We wrap it up with one of our favorites, Alphonzo Rawls, until next time Agenda!

Agenda Long Beach January 2014 Video Recap

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