Go Skate Status Report 3.24.14

March 24, 2014

Grab your pad and pencil, pull up a chair and get ready for class as we fill your head with the latest and greatest skate news in this installment of the Status Report!

Enjoi Oververt

Bagging the suck and moving onto some oververt? Enjoi released that they’re dropping a new video called Oververt. Sources say it’s supposed to come out this fall and they haven’t released much info about it besides this photo on Instagram. Lets cross our fingers in hopes that it’s half as good as Bag of Suck.

Colden Skate Mental

Cold face Colden turns pro! Trevor Colden recently turned pro for Skate Mental. They declared it over Instagram for Trevor’s birthday. If you’ve watched any of this guy’s parts you knew this was bound to happen. His pro board will be for sale around April. Congrats on turning pro and a happy late birthday, Trevor!

Supreme Cherry Video

Put that cherry on top! You’re probably pretty sick of me talking about the Supreme Cherry video for the past few weeks. Still, the video released on Friday and the Slap forums are filled with comments about how amazing it is.

Come sail away, Bob Burnquist. Floating ramps seem to be a big deal in skateboarding these days. I first noticed it at the True to This video premiere and now Bob Burnquist has his own as well. I’m not to sure which one came first, a sort of chicken or the egg situation, but check out the video anyway.

Jordan Hoffart is on Stereo! Jordan recently departed from Powell and joined the radness that is Stereo Skateboards. Jordan Hoffart’s the man and we’re all stoked on his new endeavors. Check out his welcome video here.

Creager’s not blind. Ronnie Creager no longer rides for Blind Skateboards. The two recently parted ways for unknown reasons. We’re excited to see where and what he’s going to do next.

Peacocks have escaped from the zoo! Brian Peacock released a full part on Thrasher a few days ago called Something Sinister. Wow. This dude has got a deadly combo of board control and style. This part is a must watch. Check it below.

Last week Tom Asta was featured in TransWorld SKATEboarding’s Pro Spotlight. Check the video and read the interview.

TJ’s getting recruited! It’s been said that TJ Rogers started filming at The Berrics for his Recruit part. I’m sure it’ll be spectacular. Keep your eyes peeled for that one.

Blind TJ Rogers

That wraps up this round of the Status Report, our dose of bi-weekly skate news. Hopefully your skateboarding brain is now filled with knowledge. Put that knowledge to use and GO SKATE.

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